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Neff U1GCC0AN0B Questions and Answers

#1 Can i buy universal catalytic oven liners

You can use oven liners whilst using the fan oven, if you
are using the conventional oven or a programme which
uses the bottom heat this must be removed.
Unfortunately we no longer sell these.

#2 Please clarify: is it normal for the cooling fan to run
40mins post cooking? Why does the cooling fan operate
when the oven is heating up? Why is it so noisy?

Thanks for your query, the cooling fan will run on
depending on how long the oven has been running and
at what temperature. The cooling fan runs whilst the
appliance is on to protect the control and components
from overheating.

#3 Considering buying this model but finding there's
insufficient information given to decide. One reply says
that the top oven only has a grill function - is that right
that there's no oven, just a grill?Does it have catalytic
cleaning in bottom oven?

The top oven has a grill and a top and bottom heat, it
does not have any fan assist function like the main
oven. the main oven does not have have any catalytic or
cleaning function programs.

#4 Does the top oven have a grill? I don’t see a grill setting on
the control dial?

We would advise the setting and control for the upper oven
are on the right hand side of the control panel. This shows
the grill function available.