Neff J1GCC0AN0B N 30 Built-in double oven Stainless steel

User Manual

For J1GCC0AN0B. Also, The document are for others Neff models: J1GCC0A.0B

PDF File Manual, 36 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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The following documents are available:
User Manual Specification
  • Product spec sheet - (English) Download
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  • Installation Instruction - (English) Download


Neff J1GCC0AN0B Questions and Answers

#1 Do the control knobs push in so they are flush when not
being used?

We would advise that the control knobs do not retract on
this model.

#2 Hi - I was wondering what the capacity of your oven is? Can
you fit an 18lb turkey in for instance?! Just want to ensure
that it will be sufficiently large!

We would recommend you visit your retailers to take a look
at his before you purchase, the overall dimensions (h x w x
d) are 71.7 x 59.4 x 55.0 cm side the ovens are measured
in litres and the main oven has the capacity of 47 litres.

#3 Please can you tell me the separate internal height of the
ovens in mm?

We do not have the dimensions for the top and bottom
ovens. We only have the overall HxWxD. 717 mm in height,
594 mm in width and 550 mm in depth.

#4 Does this or any oven come with legs?

Our ovens are designed to be built in and sat on a shelf / 'L'
shaped brackets, none of our ovens have legs.

#5 Is there a direct replacement for a double oven u1722B/U

u1722B or u1722B/U is not a model number of one of our
appliances so we would not be able to answer this
question, we do apologise. We would advise to open the
main oven door and look around the edge of the appliance
near the door seal for the E-nr number.