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User manual Philips HR2375/06 Pasta maker.

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Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Product overview (Fig. 1)
  • Control panel overview (Fig. 2)
  • Available Accessories
  • Shaping discs
  • Disassembling and cleaning before first use
  • Assembling
  • Using the Pasta maker
  • Preparing the ingredients
  • Starting the pasta making program
  • Important!
  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Troubleshooting


Push the mixing chamber into the appliance. (Fig. 7)

Point the mixing paddle to the hole in the main unit. Insert the mixing paddle all the way into the main unit. (Fig. 8)

Attach the disc holder onto the appliance. (Fig. 9)

Put the shaping disc onto the disc holder , and make sure it is firmly fixed on the disc holder. (Fig. 10)

Note: Make sure the inner cavity of the shaping disc and disc holder is properly fitted. Fig. 11)

Attach the front panel to the main unit. (Fig. 12)

Note: y Make sure the front panel is completely fastened before using the appliance. y The front panel is heavy. Take extra caution when assembling it.

Fasten the front panel control knobs. (Fig. 13)

Note: If the front panel or the shaping disc is not properly assembled, a safety switch will prevent the appliance from working.

Close the mixing chamber lid. (Fig. 14)

Note: If the mixing chamber lid is not properly installed, the safety switch will prevent the appliance from working.

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