Use Manual Bosch HSLP751UC Built-in Combination Oven

Bosch HSLP751UC Built-in Combination Oven - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

- Owner Manual ( English ) - 4.3 MB - pdf
- Product spec sheet ( English )

Installation manual Oven for Bosch HSLP751UC

Table of contents

  • Safety Definitions
  • Appliance Handling Safety
  • Safety Codes and Standards
  • Electric Safety
  • Related Equipment Safety
  • Bosch Combination Ovens
  • Before you Begin
  • Tools and Parts Needed
  • Power Requirements and Grounding
  • For Best Installation
  • Checklist
  • Cabinet Dimension Requirements
  • Combination Oven and Speed Oven or Steam
  • Convection Oven 30” Traditional Installation
  • Combination Oven and Speed Oven or Steam
  • Convection Oven 30” Flush Mount Installation
  • Removing Packaging
  • Packaging Bracket Removal-Left and Right Sides
  • Preparing Ovens
  • Installation
  • Pre-Assembly of the Combination Oven
  • Parts Provided
  • Installation with the Speed Oven or Microwave
  • Installation with the Steam Convection Oven
  • Connecting the Speed Oven or Steam Convection
  • Oven Electrical Conduit to the Lower Oven
  • Microwave Models
  • Electrical Installation of Combination
  • Oven-Grounding Instructions
  • Electrical Connection to Main Power Supply
  • Four-wire Connection
  • Three-wire Connection
  • Installing Combination Oven into Wall Cabinet
  • Remove Lower Oven Door Prior to Installation
  • Correctly Lifting the Combination Oven
  • Lifting Recommendations
  • Placing Combination Oven Into Cabinet Opening
  • Installing the Oven into the Cabinet
  • Re-Install the Lower Oven Door
  • Before Calling Service
  • Rating Label
  • Lower Oven Rating Label
  • Steam Convection Oven Rating Label
  • Speed Oven and Microwave Rating Label

Installing the Oven into the Cabinet

  • Lift the combination oven unit into the cabinet cutout without allowing the unit base to contact the flooring.
  • Guide the unit straight back into the cabinet cutout. Note: Be careful not to crimp the flexible conduit between the oven and the cabinet back wall. If necessary, guide the flexible conduit into the wall of cabinet access hole so it doesn’t prevent the unit from being pushed all the way into the cabinet opening. The oven should be straight and level.
  • Push the unit straight in until the oven trim is flush with the front of the cabinet trim.
  • In

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