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Food Storage
Refrigerated air goes down at the rear of the fresh food compartment and rises up at
foodstuffs such as fish and meats which require quickthe front. Then, store the
refrigeration to the rear of the compartment.
Leave spaces among foodstuffs to help air circulation.
Wipe the water on the surface of the bottles before storing them.
Pre-cool hot foods, wrap them with plastic film or put them in the
airtight receptacle.
Foodstuffs which are easily dried should be well wrapped with waxed paper,
aluminum foil or plastic film.
Wrap fish and smoked meats in moisture-vapor-proof material to
prevent transfer for odors.
Be sure not to store bottles such as beer, cokes, etc. in the
freezer compartment.
Do not put vegetables which are liable to freeze at the rear part
of the shelves.
If planning to keep fresh fish and meats for a long period, wrap
freezer compartment.them in freezer paper and store in the
Lamp Replacement
If the illuminating does not work properly. In case of the replacement LED is needed,
it must be replaced by its service agent or similarly qualified person in order to
avoid hazard.
Inside the refrigerator compartment UV-LED + Platinum Deodorizer system is installed,
which is high efficiency eliminates the bacteria cause decomposition in a food.
This system operates (With a Yellow-Beam indicator).
Nano + Vitamin C
With refrigerant to disperse the bacteria and odor control to freeze the vegetable
and will keep the freshness of vegetables fruits. It will maintain the nutritional value
of food long lasting and increases the vitamin filter. That includes the bacteria control
to make the vegetables and fruits will not lose it food value, with deodorizer filter.