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  1. Select a place with strong, level floor. If the floor is not quite level, adjust the height of the feet accordingly.
  2. Allow sufficient clearance between the refrigerator s’ back, also the side wall, so the door can open fully and to minimize noise.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Direct sunlight may affect the enamel coating. Heat sources nearby will cause higher electricity consumption.
  4. Avoid very moist place. Too much moisture in the air will cause frost to from very quickly on the evaporator, and the refrigerator will have to be defrost very frequently.
  5. After re-located, leave the fridge standing 3-6 hours before switching it on. This intend match to ensure a proper cooling system operation.


Make a test run

  1. Your refrigerator is usually cleaned by manufacture, however you may want to clean it before using with a soft towel cloth.
  2. After cleaned, replace all parts in proper.
  3. Keep the door open and plug the power cord into its own electrical outlet. The interior lamp should lit.
  4. Properly close the door.


  1. Before cleaning the refrigerator, you should always unplug it from the electrical outlet and remove all food.
  2. Both exterior and interior of refrigerator, wipe with damp and warming water until dry.
  3. Cleaning warm internal accessories using a water and dry it with a soft clean cloth.
  4. Cleaning door gasket with warm water and dry it with a soft clean cloth.
  5. Wipe the control knob with a soft clean cloth. Never wash it with water because this will cause an electric shock.
  6. Never use brushes, acids, chemical thinner, gasoline or benzine for cleaning any part of the refrigerator.
  7. To remove odors from your fridge, mix a lemon skin and warm water. Wipe thoroughly on odors surface and dry with a soft clean cloth. Do not use cologne, air freshener or any other perfume.
  8. Cleaning inside of the refrigerator and door gasket once a month. It is the best to clean the freezer compartment every time when it is defrosted.

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