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Temperature Control
The refrigerator is equipped with 2 independent controls to control the degree of cooling
of the refrigerator and freezer compartment.
Freezer Compartment
MIN. : Minimum Setting for fairly cold in freezer compartment.
MAX. : Maximum Setting for the coldest in freezer compartment.
Refrigerator Compartment
MIN. : in compartment.Low volume of air circulation refrigerator
High volume of air circulation refrigeratorMAX. : in compartment.
Making Ice Cubes
Ice cubes are made in wist ce akerT I M , turn the
lever clockwise to empty the ice into Ice Cube Box.
Store the ce ubes in the ce ube ox.i c I C B Do not
store wet ice cubes or they will stick together.
Do not use the ce ube ox” as an iceI C B making tray,
or it will be damaged.
How to Defrost
The defrosting will automatically operate. No manual control is required. The defrosted
water will drain into evaporation tray and automatically evaporated by condenser
heat radiation.
Dispensing refrigerated water
(For )model with dispensing water
To adjust button to unlock position.
Lightly press again at the lever so that refrigerated
water is supplied.
(HRF422TW1 , HRF422TS1 , HRF503TW1)