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The air conditioner has the capacity to dehumidify up to 101 pints per day. The patented self-
evaporating function of the unit fully exhausts all condensation automatically in most environments
when humidity is less than 70%. Areas with more than 70% humidity, the self-evaporating function can
still exhaust about 98% of the moisture and the remaining 2% of moisture will be collected in the water
tank of the air conditioner. When there is excess water condensation inside the unit, the air conditioner
stops running and the RED Stop light illuminates. The Stop light indicates that the water condensation
needs to be drained manually.
Manual Drainage:
1. Turn off the unit.
2. Carefully roll the unit to a drain location or position a flat container, dish or optional drain bucket
accessory (sold separately) under the drain area of the lower drain port.
3. Remove the drain cover and rubber plug and the condensed water will drain out automatically.
4. Once all the condensed water is drained, replace the drain rubber plug and cover into the drain firmly.
Note: Please contact [email protected] for retail sales information or visit whynter.com for a list
of optional accessories
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