User Manual Thermador CEM366TB 36-Inch Masterpiece Knob Control Electric Cooktop

Thermador CEM366TB 36-Inch Masterpiece Knob Control Electric Cooktop - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User Manual Electric Cooktop Thermador CEM366TB 

Table Of Contents

  • Safety Definitions
  • Fire Safety
  • Cooking Safety
  • Burn Prevention
  • Child Safety
  • Cleaning Safety
  • Cookware Safety
  • Proper Installation and Maintenance
  • Proposition
  • Warning
  • Causes of damage
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Energy-saving advice
  • Getting familiar with the appliance
  • Control Panel
  • Heating elements
  • Operation
  • Setting the cooktop
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Daily Cleaning
  • Cleaning guidelines
  • Cleaning chart
  • Maintenance
  • Service
  • How to Obtain Warranty Service
  • What this Warranty Covers & Who it Applies to
  • How Long the Warranty Lasts
  • Repair/Replace as Your Exclusive Remedy
  • Out of Warranty Product
  • Warranty Exclusions
  • THERMADOR® Support
  • Service
  • Parts and Accessories

Protecting the Environment

Energy-saving advice

  • Always place a fitting lid on cookware. Cooking with an uncovered pan will increase energy consumption considerably. Use a glass lid to provide visibility and avoid having to lift the lid.
  • Use cookware equipped with a solid, flat bottom.
  • Curved pan bases increase energy consumption.
  • The diameter of the pan base must match the size of the element. If not, energy may be wasted.
  • Choose cookware of a size suited to the amount of food you are going to cook. A large pan that is only half full will use a lot of energy.
  • Use a small amount of water when cooking. This saves energy, and vegetables retain a larger percentage of their vitamins and minerals.
  • Switch to a lower heat setting in time.
  • Select a suitable setting for ongoing cooking. You will waste energy by using an ongoing cooking setting which is too high.
  • Use the residual heat of the cooktop. For longer cooking times, you can switch the element off minutes before the end of the cooking time.


Setting the cooktop

  • This section will show you how to set the elements. The table contains details on the heat settings for a variety of dishes.
  • Failure to operate knobs properly may result in personal injury and damage to the appliance.
  • Setting the element
  • Select the desired heat level turning the corresponding knob.
  • The heat level can be adjusted along the circle segments around each knob.
  • Thin end of circle segment = minimum heat level
  • Thick end of circle segment = maximum heat level
  • When the element turns on, the power-on indicator lights up.
  • Turning off
  • Turn the control knob to OFF. When all control knobs are in the OFF position, the cooktop is turned off.

Note: The heat is turned on and off to regulate the temperature of the element; this means that the red glow below the element is not always visible. When you select a low heat setting, the element turns off for longer intervals, while at a higher setting these intervals are very short. Even at the highest level, the element turns on and off.


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