Use Manual Dreo DR-HTF001 42" Tower Fan with Remote

Dreo DR-HTF001 42" Tower Fan with Remote - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Tower Fan User Manual Dreo DR-HTF001 

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24ft/s Velocity:

This tower fan is equipped with a powerful motor and a unique air-duct that can provide a velocity of 24ft/s, effectively distributing airflow around the room. It lets you enjoy the cool quickly

Lower Noise, More Serenity:

This bladeless fan adopts a unique air-duct design with fluid mechanics and minimize noise. Brings a comforting, cool, and ultra-quiet breeze, helping you to sink into a soothing night of rest

90° Oscillation Tower Fan:

Compared to other 65°oscillating fans, for quicker cooling, ours provides wider coverage of airflow to increase indoor air circulation

6 Speeds+3 Modes + Additional Auto Mode:

Customize your breeze with 6 speeds and 3 modes (Normal, Natural, and Sleep). Stay cool on hot summer days in the bedroom, study, or office. If you activate the pedestal fan’s auto mode, the velocity of the wind will automatically change with the temperature, allowing your room to always stay pleasant and healthy

Clear LED Display:

Track the room temperature, speed, mode and timer settings on the floor fan's large LED display. Easily access all settings via the control panel or remote control. Convenient and easy to use. [Note:Set the tower fan to sleep mode. The LED display will turn off automatically after 20 seconds, allowing a restful night’s sleep]

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Dreo DR-HTF001 Questions and Answers

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Can it be easily cleaned? The reason i ask is because a traditional fan
can collect a lot of dirt and dust. Especially if you have animals.
Dear customers,
It is not recommended to disassemble the tower fan, as this may
cause damage to internal parts. Please wipe the machine with a soft
cloth or brush to remove the dust. For any further information, please
feel free to contact us via [email protected]

What is the temperature range of the fan? Can this tower fan drop the
temperature to 70°F?
You can not set the temperature yourself, the tower fan's display just
tells you the temperature of the room. It's a fan only, not an air
conditioner fan

Does this blow out cool air like an AC or just regular fan air?
It’s regular fan air but it’s definitely cool air. It was really hot in our
office with 3 computers and we turned this fan on and it blew cold air
to make the room more cooler. We were looking for more of an AC
thing, but we are definitely happy with this product. It also tells you the
temp of the room and when it starts getting cooler



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