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User manual Refrigerator


Feature panel

01. Fridge / Vacation (3 sec)


To adjust the fridge temperature, press Fridge to select the corresponding temperature. You can change the temperature between 1 °C and 7 °C (default: 3 °C).

Power Cool (Type 1): Power Cool speeds up the cooling process at maximum fan speed. The fridge keeps running at full speed for two and a half hours and then returns to the previous temperature.

  • To activate Power Cool, select temperature 1 °C, and then press Fridge to select Power Cool. The corresponding indicator ( ) lights up, and the refrigerator will speed up the cooling process for you.
  • To deactivate Power Cool, press Fridge again. Then, the temperature of the fridge will be set back to 7 °C.

NOTE: Using Power Cool increases power consumption. Make sure you turn it off and return to the previous temperature if you don't intend to use it.

  • Use the Vacation function if you are going on vacation or a business trip, or if you do not intend to use the fridge for an extended time. The fridge temperature will be kept under 17 °C, but the freezer remains active as previously set.
  • To activate or deactivate the Vacation mode, press and hold Fridge for 3 seconds.


  • Make sure to remove foods in the fridge compartment before using Vacation mode.
  • The Vacation mode will be disabled if you adjust the temperature.


Freezer / Power Freeze (3 sec) / Cool Select+ (3 sec)


The Freezer button can be used to set the freezer temperature. Available temperatures are between -15 °C and -23 °C (default: -19 °C).

NOTE: You cannot change the temperature in Cool Select+ mode.

Power Freeze

Power Freeze speeds up the freezing process at maximum fan speed. The freezer keeps running at full speed for 50 hours and then returns to the previous temperature. To freeze large amounts of food, activate Power Freeze for at least 20 hours before putting food in the freezer.

Type 1

  • To activate Power Freeze, select temperature -23 °C, and then press Freezer to select Power Freeze. The corresponding indicator ( ) lights up, and the refrigerator will speed up the freezing process for you.
  • When the Power Freeze process is complete, the corresponding indicator turns off and the freezer returns to the previous temperature setting.
  • To deactivate Power Freeze, press Freezer again. The freezer returns to the pervious temperature setting.

Type 2

  • To activate Power Freeze, press and hold Freezer for 3 seconds to select Power Freeze. The corresponding indicator ( ) lights up, and the refrigerator will speed up the freezing process for you.
  • To deactivate Power Freeze, press and hold Freezer for 3 seconds again. The freezer returns to the previous temperature setting, and the indicator turns off.

NOTE: Using Power Freeze increases power consumption. Make sure you turn it off and return to the previous temperature if you do not intend to use it.

Cool Select+ (Type 1)

Each time you press and hold Cool Select+ for 3 seconds, the operating mode switches in this sequence: Freeze -> Soft Freezing (-5 °C) -> Chill (-1 °C) -> Cool (2 °C)


  • If you switch the mode from Freezer to Cool Select+, the stored food may leak juice or liquid from the food.
  • Do not store meat or fishery for an extended time in Cool Select+ mode. The food may freeze or spoil because of inappropriate temperature settings for the food to store.
  • If the refrigerator recovers power from an extended time of inactivity, the Cool Select+ settings may be reset to factory defaults. Check out the Cool Select+ settings before using the refrigerator.

03 Door Alarm

  • Door Alarm
    • You can set the alarm for a reminder. If the door is left open for more than 2 minutes, the alarm will sound with the Alarm indicator blinking.
    • You can toggle to enable and disable the alarm by pressing Door Alarm.

04 Power (3 sec)

  • POWER: To turn the refrigerator on, press and hold POWER for 3 seconds. Both the fridge and the freezer turn on, and do the lamps accordingly. If you press and hold POWER for 3 seconds again, the refrigerator (both the fridge and the freezer) turns off, and the room lamps also turn off.

Storage information

  • The numbers marked in the bottom section of this figure indicate the storage period for the immediately above food item. For example, 4-6 months for fish.

To freeze food

  1. Wrap the food airtight with suitable wrapping materials.
  2. Seal the wrapping.
  3. Label the wrapping with the content and date.

Wrapping materials

  • Materials suitable for wrapping food: plastic film, polyethylene blown film, aluminium foil, and freezer tins.
  • Materials not suitable for wrapping food: wrapping paper, greaseproof paper, cellophane, food garbage bags, and used shopping bags.

Sealing materials

  • Rubber bands, plastic clips, string, cold-resistant adhesive tape or similar. Bags and polyethylene blown film can be sealed with a film sealer.

Storage period of frozen food

The storage period differs with food types and storing temperatures. The following specification is based on a temperature of -18 °C (0 °F):

  • Fresh poultry (whole chickens), fresh meat (steaks, roasts): up to 12 months
  • Fish (lean fish, cooked fish), fresh shrimp, scallops, squid: up to 6 months
  • Pizza, sausage: up to 2 months

NOTE: For more information, visit the FDA web site (


Frozen food can be thawed in the following ways:

  • Naturally at room temperatures
  • Naturally in the fridge
  • By using an electric oven with or without heat support
  • By using a microwave oven


  • Do not refreeze thawed food. Some parts of the food may not freeze completely.
  • Do not store frozen food for longer than the max storage period.


Handle and care

Shelves (fridge/freezer) / Shelf Wine (applicable models only)

  1. Pull out the shelf (or shelf wine) a little. Then, while lifting the rear side, pull out.
  2. Twist the shelf (or shelf wine) diagonally to remove.


  • The shelf must be inserted correctly. Do not insert upside down.
  • Glass containers may scratch the surface of glass shelves.
  • Do not insert a shelf in the shelf wine position. This may damage the refrigerator. (applicable models only)

Vegetable shelf (applicable models only)

  • If your model has just one drawer in the fridge, the vegetable shelf just above the drawer has a line printed on it. When you store items on the vegetable shelf, make sure you put the items within the printed line.

Fridge guard / Variety guard

  • Hold the guard with both hands, and then lift up to remove.
  • CAUTION: To prevent accidents, empty the guards before removing

Fridge drawer / Freezer drawer

  • Gently lift up the front of the drawer and slide out.


Interior and exterior


  • Do not use benzene, thinner, or home/car detergent such as Clorox™ for cleaning purposes. They may damage the surface of the refrigerator and cause a fire.
  • Do not spray water onto the refrigerator. This may cause electric shock.

Regularly use a dry cloth to remove all foreign substances such as dust or water from the power plug terminals and contact points.

  1. Unplug the power cord.
  2. Use a moistened, soft, lint-free cloth or paper towel to clean the refrigerator’s interior and exterior.
  3. When done, use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry well.
  4. Plug in the power cord.


LED Lamps

  • To replace the lamps of the refrigerator, contact a local Samsung service centre.
  • WARNING: The lamps are not user-serviceable. Do not attempt to replace a lamp yourself. This can cause electric shock.

Lamp (Light Source)

  • This product contains a light source of energy efficiency class <G> .
  • The lamp(s) and/or control gear(s) are not user-serviceable. To replace the lamp(s) and/or control gear(s) in the product, contact a local Samsung service centre.
  • For detailed instructions on replacing lamp(s) or control gear(s) in your product, visit the Samsung website (, go to Support > Support home, and then enter the model name.
  • For detailed instructions on dismantling lamp(s) and/or control gear(s), simply follow the replacement instruction reached as described above.


Before calling for service, review the checkpoints below. Any service calls regarding normal situations (No Defect Cases) will be charged to users.



Symptom Possible causes Solution
Fridge/freezer does not operate. Fridge/freezer temperature is warm.
  • Power cord is not plugged in properly
  • Properly plug in the power cord.
  • Temperature control is not set correctly.
  • Set the temperature lower
  • Refrigerator is located near a heat source or direct sunlight.
  • Keep the refrigerator away from direct sunlight or a heat source.
  • Not enough clearance between refrigerator and sides/rear.
  • Make sure to secure at least 7 mm of space from the rear and side walls of the cabinet
  • Vacation mode is activated.
  • Deactivate vacation mode.
  • The refrigerator is overloaded. Food is blocking the refrigerator vents.
  • Do not overload the refrigerator. Do not allow food to block ventilation
Fridge/freezer is over-cooling.
  • Temperature control is not set correctly
  • Set the temperature higher.
Interior wall is hot.
  • Refrigerator has heat-proof piping in the interior wall.
  • To prevent condensation from forming, the refrigerator has heat-proof piping in the front corners. If the ambient temperature rises, this equipment may not work effectively. This is not a system failure


Symptom Possible causes Solution
Refrigerator has odors.
  • Spoiled food
  • Clean the refrigerator and remove any spoiled food.
  • Food with strong odors.
  • Make sure strong smelling food is wrapped airtight.


Symptom Possible causes Solution
Frost around the vents
  • Food is blocking the vents
  • Make sure no food blocks the refrigerator vents
Frost on interior walls
  • Door is not closed properly
  • Make sure food does not block the door. Clean the door gasket.
Fruits or vegetables are frozen.
  • Fruits or vegetables are stored in the Fresh/Chef Zone
  • The Fresh/Chef Zone is only for meat/fish.

Excessive frost build-ups in the freezer.

  • The door is not sealing properly because the door gasket was not reversed after reversing the doors.

  • Detach the door gasket and then attach it after rotating it 180°.


Symptom Possible causes Solution
Condensation forms on the interior walls.
  • If door is left open, moisture enters the refrigerator.
  • Remove the moisture and do not open the door for a long time.
  • Food with high moisture content.
  • Make sure food is wrapped airtight.

Do you hear abnormal sounds from the refrigerator?

Before calling for service, review the checkpoints below. Any service calls related to normal sounds will be charged to the user.

These sounds are normal.

  • When starting or ending an operation, the refrigerator may make sounds similar to a car engine igniting. As the operation stabilizes, the sounds will decrease.

  • While the fan is operating, these sounds may occur. When the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, no fan sound will occur.

  • During a defrost cycle, water may drip on the defrost heater, causing sizzling sounds

  • As the refrigerator cools or freezes, refrigerant gas moves through sealed pipes, causing bubbling sounds.

  • As the refrigerator temperature increases or decreases, plastic parts contract and expand, creating knocking noises. These noises occur during the defrosting cycle or when electronic parts are working.

  • For ice maker models: When the water valve opens to fill the ice maker, buzzing sounds may occur.
  • Due to pressure equalizing when opening and closing the refrigerator door, whooshing sounds may occur.

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