JBL Flip Essential Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide - (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch - Holland, Greek, Hebrew - Israel, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norway, Polish, Swedish, Turkish) Read Online | Download pdf
Specification Warranty
  • Declaration of Conformity - (English) Download


JBL FLIP ESSENTIAL Questions and Answers

#1 Can u pair the JBL essential and flip 4?

Our JBL Flip Essential is not compatible with the JBL Portable app and it's not possible to connect multiple JBL speakers.

#2 How do I clean the mesh part of the speaker without damaging anything?

Clean your JBL Flip Essential under lukewarm water from your water tap, and use a microfiber cloth to remove stains. Do not use any alcohol or other to remove stains and dirt. Do not charge your product while the charging port is wet and make sure it is dry before you connect it to a charger.

#3 Can I connect this JBL TO an adapter whose output is 5V/2A for charging ? And during charge, can it play music at the same time ? Is it safe to to that ?

A USB charger (5V) with 1A or higher is recommended to be used for charging our JBL Flip Essential. All our portable speakers can be used while plugged in. There's no harm in using the unit while it is connected to a power source. Our products have PCM circuits that manage the charging of the battery.

#4 How do you connect this speaker using the aux cable?

Just connect the Aux cable from the speaker to your phone and press play. Of course the speaker has to be switched on to do this.