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Samsung HW-Q950A/XU Soundbar - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Guide Samsung HW-Q950A/XU Soundbar 

Table of contents

  • Checking the Components
  • Product Overview
  • Top Panel of the Soundbar
  • Bottom Panel of the Soundbar
  • Using the Soundbar Remote Control
  • How to Use the Remote Control
  • Active Voice Amplifier (AVA)
  • Using the Hidden Buttons (Buttons with more than one function)
  • Output specifications for the different sound effect modes
  • Adjusting the Soundbar volume with a TV remote control
  • Connecting the Soundbar
  • Connecting the power and units
  • Recommended Speaker Layout
  • Manually connecting the Subwoofer or Surround Speakers
  • Auto EQ
  • Using a wired connection to the tv
  • Method 1. Connecting with HDMI
  • Connecting the TV that supports HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel)
  • Method 2. Connecting using an Optical Cable


• STANDARD Outputs the original sound.

• SURROUND Provides a wider sound field than standard.

• GAME PRO Provides stereoscopic sound to immerse you in the action while gaming.

• ADAPTIVE SOUND Analyzes the content in real time and automatically provides the optimal sound field based on the characteristics of the content

Sound Control

• To control the volume of the treble or bass sound, select TREBLE or BASS in Sound Settings, and then adjust the volume between -6~+6 by using the Up/Down buttons.

• Press and hold the (Sound Control) button for about 5 seconds to adjust the sound for each frequency band. 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz, 1.2kHz, 2.5kHz, 5kHz, and 10kHz are selectable using the Left/Right buttons and each can be adjusted to a setting between -6 to +6 using the Up/Down buttons. (Make sure the Sound mode is set to “STANDARD”.)

• To control the volume of the each speaker select CENTER LEVEL, SIDE LEVEL, or FRONT TOP LEVEL in Sound Settings, and then adjust the volume between -6~+6 by using the Up/Down buttons.

• If the video on the TV and audio from the Soundbar are not synchronized, select SYNC in Sound Control, and then set the audio delay between 0~300 milliseconds by using the Up/Down buttons


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