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Dimplex WLL20-AU Opti-myst Portable Electric Stove - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Electric Stove Instruction Manual Dimplex model WLL20-AU

Installing the Appliance

  • Clean the area where the fire will be installed e.g remove ash residue from an existing fireplace.
  • Hold the fire by the sides of the surround and gently maneuver into position.
  • Plug the fire into a 13amp/240-volt outlet. Ensure that the supply cable is not trapped under the fire such that it might cause it to be damaged.
  • Connecting the Transducer
  • Open the stove door
  • Gently lift out the fuel bed and carefully set it aside. 
  • Remove the water tank by lifting upwards and outwards. 
  • Remove the nozzle by unclipping and lifting upwards and outwards. 
  • The transducer will be inside the sump. Remove from its bag.
  • Place the Transducer unit into the sump and make the connection.
  • Locate the tab on the Transducer unit into the molded recess in the base of the sump 
  • Ensure that the cable does not obstruct the Transducer disc. To prevent the cable becoming pinched between the nozzle and the sump, place the cable in the slot in the wall of the sump.

Filling the Water Tank

  • Gently lift out the fuelbed and carefully set aside.
  • Remove the water tank by lifting upwards and outwards.
  • Place the water tank in sink and remove cap, Anti-clockwise to open. (Fig 8)
  • Fill tank with filtered tap water only. This is necessary to prolong the life of the flame and smoke producing unit. The water should be filtered through a conventional domestic water filter unit and the filter should be replaced regularly.
  • Screw the cap back on, do not over tighten.
  • Return the tank to the sump, with the tank cap facing down
  • Gently place the fuelbed back into position.
  • When the water tank is empty, the flame and smoke effect shuts off, you will hear 2 audible beeps and the digital display will display


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