Ariston TVF75C6H1 7kg Clothes Tumble Dryer

Instruction booklet

For TVF75C6H1. Also, The document are for others Ariston models: TVF75C*

PDF File Manual, 18 pages, Read Online | Download pdf file

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Instruction booklet
Important Information, 2
Installation, 3-4
Where to put your dryer
Electrical connection
Before you start using your dryer
Dryer Description, 5
The front
The back
Control Panel
The Display, 6
Start and Programmes, 7-12
Choosing a Programme
Start and Programmes
The Controls
Laundry, 13-14
Sorting your laundry
Wash care labels
Special clothing items
Drying times
Warnings and Suggestions, 15
General safety
Save energy and respect the environment
Maintenance and Care, 16
Switching off the electricity
Clean the filter after each cycle
Check the drum after each cycle
Cleaning the dryer
Troubleshooting, 17
Service, 18
Spare parts
Hotpoint Guarantee, 19
Hotpoint After Sales Service , 20
Keep this instruction booklet on hand in order to refer to it when necessary. Take it with you when you move, and,
should you sell this appliance or pass it on to another party, make sure that this booklet is supplied along with the
dryer so that the new owner may be informed about warnings and suggestions on how the dryer works.
! Read these instructions carefully; the following pages contain important information on installation and suggestions
on how the appliance works.
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