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Cleaning: Dishwasher & Hand-Washing
The unit should be cleaned thoroughly
after every use.
1 Unplug the unit from the wall outlet
before cleaning.
2 To clean the cooker base and the
control panel, wipe them clean with
a damp cloth.
3 The cooking pot, silicone ring, deluxe
reversible rack, Cook & Crisp™ Basket,
and detachable diuser can be washed
in the dishwasher.
4 The pressure release valve and anti-clog
cap, can be washed with water and dish
5 If food residue is stuck on the cooking
pot, deluxe reversible rack, or Cook &
Crisp™ Basket, fill the pot with water
and allow to soak before cleaning. DO
NOT use scouring pads. If scrubbing is
necessary, use a non-abrasive cleanser or
liquid dish soap with a nylon pad or brush.
6 Air-dry all parts after each use.
Removing & Reinstalling
the Silicone Ring
To remove the silicone ring gently, pull it
outward, section by section, from the metal
ring rack. The ring can be installed with
either side facing up. To reinstall, gently
work the silicone ring into the rack section
by section, ensuring the metal ring rack is
visible (see image above).
After use, remove any food debris from
the silicone ring and anti-clog cap.
Keep the silicone ring clean to avoid odor.
Washing it in warm, soapy water or in the
dishwasher can remove odor. However,
it is normal for it to absorb the smell of
certain acidic foods. It is recommended
to have more than one silicone ring
on hand. You can purchase additional
silicone rings on ninjaaccessories.com.
NEVER pull out the silicone ring with
excessive force, as that may deform it and
the rack and aect the pressure-sealing
function. A silicone ring with cracks,
cuts, or other damage should be
replaced immediately.
NOTE: NEVER put the cooker base
smart thermometer, or thermometer
cap in the dishwasher, or immerse it in
water or any other liquid.
NOTE: If the unit is not open after
the cycle is over, the unit will default
to keep warm and the heating element
will continue running.
NOTE: The silicone ring must be
replaced by one that is specific to a
Foodi® SmartLid™ model.
We recommend inspecting the interior of
the lid prior to cooking with “wet cooking
functions,” which include Slow Cook,
Steam, Sous Vide, Sear/Sauté, Pressure,
and all SteamCrisp functions. If you see any
food residue or oil buildup on the heating
element or fan, we recommend steam
cleaning the unit (see instructions below),
then wiping down the interior of the lid.
1 Fill pot with 3 cups of Water.
2 Move slider to AIR FRY/STOVETOP.
3 Select STEAM, and set time to 30
minutes. Press START/STOP.
4 When time reaches zero and the unit
has cooled down, use a wet cloth or
sponge to wipe down the interior of
the lid.
CAUTION: When cleaning the interior
of the lid, do not touch the fan.
5 Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed, and
spot clean as necessary.
Silicone Ring
Silicone Ring
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