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1 Turn the base (B) upside down on carpet or a soft towel.
2 Insert the wheel (A) posts into the holes at the ends of the star base arms until they click into place.
3 Turn the base right side up, then insert the bottom of the center support post (C) into the hole in the center of
the base.
4 Turn the seat bottom (E) upside down and place it on a padded box or small stool to support it.
5 Align the riser mechanism (D) on the bottom of the seat and attach it to the seat with four M8 × 25 mm
screws (G). Tighten the bolts with the Allen wrench (H).
6 With the seat still supported, align the holes in the bottom of the chair back with the bracket on the riser
mechanism. Make sure that the arms are toward the front of the chair seat.
Adjustable seat and arm rests t your body’s specic needs
Swivel and tilt mechanism lets you customize the chair to your ideal position
Sturdy, ve-pointed star base with wheels makes it easy to move around your workspace
Reinforced lumbar support provides maximum comfort
Breathable mesh design grants a modern, stylish look
Mesh Office Chair
Before using your new product, please read these instructions to prevent any damage.
Quick Setup Guide
Allen wrench (1)
Wheels (5) Star base (1)
M8 × 25 mm
screw (7)
Center support
post (1)
Riser mechanism (1)
Seat bottom (1)
Back and arms (1)