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1. Door Bins & Dairy Compartment
To remove - Simply lift the bin up and pull straight out.
To relocate - Slide it in above the desired location and push down
until it stops.
z_ Injury may occur if the door bins are not firmly assembled.
CAUTIONDO not allow children to play with bins. Sharp corners of the bins
may cause injury.
Do bin full of foods. Remove the food first.
adjust a
Dust removal method - Remove the guard and wash in water.
2. Tempered Glass shelves
To remove - Tilt up the front of the shelf in the direction
shown ((_) and lift it up vertically (1_).
Pull the shelf out.
To relocate -
Tilt the front of the shelf up and guide the
shelf hooks into the slots at a desired height.
Then lower the front of the shelf so that the
hooks can drop into the slots.
The Tempered Glass shelves are heaw.
Use special care when removing them.
To prevent the shelves from falling after relocating them,
make sure the shelf hooks are placed in the slots property.
3. Vegetable & Fruit Drawers
To remove - Pull the drawer out to full extension. Tilt up the front of
the drawer and pull straight out.
To relocate - Insert the drawer into the frame rails and push back
into place.
The drawers need to be removed before the glass shelf above
CAUTIONthem can be lifted out.
Do not open the drawers while the Pantry is open.This
can scratch or break the drawer.
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