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Micro Component System
Transparent Elegance
An air of elegance surrounds the D-G1 mini Hi-Fi system and quietly pervades the room. A new concept in personal Hi-Fi
design has come into the world, bringing delight to music lovers everywhere. Even though the D-G1 contains all the functions of
the receiver, the CD player, and the cassette deck within a single unit, it is only 180 mm wide, 259 mm high, and 287 mm deep.
You can set up the D-G1 just about anywhere you like. There is a remarkable sense of transparency about the D-G1 that lets it
blend in well with virtually any interior, and it is small enough to fit onto a bookshelf, bay windowsill, or other inconspicuous spot.
Another remarkable aspect of the D-G1 is the rich sound that fills your room from such a modest-looking unit. Then there is the
D-G1’s remarkable ease of use. The D-G1 just gives you the functions you really need. With beautiful sound, elegant design, and
simple operation, the D-G1 is the perfect companion for a lifestyle that persistently beckons you to enjoy a few moments of peace.
DENON’s Famous High-Quality Sound
Despite the D-G1’s unassuming appearance, it boasts high
output power of 20 W + 20 W, capable of reproducing all gen-
res of music with a rich sound that effortlessly fills your listen-
ing space.
4-mode Graphic Equalizer for Custom Sound
You can choose any of four sound spaces-Rock, Pops,
Classical, and Flat-to enjoy the type of music you want to
Versatile Timers
The D-G1 provides a REC timer that activates the recording
function when the power switch is turned on, and a Sleep timer
that turns the unit off every night (or any other time) in 10-
minute increments from 10 to 60 minutes after you turn it on.
Bass Control, for a Powerful Bass Foundation
The D-G1 includes a Bass Control function that enriches
the deep bass sound, further defying the modest size of the
speakers. You can enjoy this reinforced bass foundation even
at relatively low volume levels.
Large, Easy-to-Read Display
The characters on the D-G1’s large display are clear and
easy to read. The function buttons on the front panel, too, are
large and glow in the dark for quick, easy operation at any
Auto Power Off
In a function mode other than the tuner, if there has been
no operation for approximately 30 minutes, the system will
automatically turn itself off to reduce power consumption.
Convenient CD Editing Functions
Playback functions include Random Play, 20-track
Programmed Play.
CD-Synchro Recording System
Full Logic Auto Reverse Mechanism, for Automatic
Playback of the Reverse Side of a Tape
Dolby Noise Reduction, for Improved Sound Quality
during Recording and Playback
The D-G1 is equipped with a Dolby B noise reduction cir-
cuit to reduce tape noise and enhance the realism of the
sound over the full spectrum from large to small signals.
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