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Brings Freedom of Music Closer to You.
Design for High Sound Quality from High-end Amplifiers
A discrete configuration of the output stage for clear channel separation
and greatly reduced noise, a high-capacity heatsink, a large transformer,
and the use of high-quality parts throughout are just some of the hallmarks
of the DRA-F100 that are inherited from DENON’s high-end amplifiers.
All these features have been designed to reproduce the high-quality
sound of digital recordings.
Rich Array of Input/Output Terminals
The DRA-F100 is equipped with a wealth of input and output terminals
to take advantage of the many options available today in playing or
recording music. Not only can the DRA-F100 accommodate a CD-R
recorder, CD player, cassette deck, and even an analog record player
through the unit’s PHONO (MM) terminal, it also includes an AUX
input terminal for future devices.
Elegant External Design
The DRA-F100 matches its high-quality sound with an elegant external
design centered on the large aluminium volume adjustment knob.
40-Track Preset Memory
Once you set the stations you want to hear in advance, you can tune
in to any of them through the remote control unit. Stations can be set
to any desired position for optimum ease in tuning.
Versatile Timers
The DRA-F100 provides an Everyday timer that lets you set the D-F100
system to turn on and off each day at the same time, and a Sleep
timer that turns it off one time in 10-minute increments from 10 to 60
minutes after you turn it on.
The D-F100 has been designed to make it easier for you to access DENON’s rich, high-quality sound. Not only is this mini Hi-Fi system a breeze to
operate, the main unit of each component is also only 270mm wide, 84mm high, and 290mm deep, enabling you to set them up snugly just about
anywhere in your home, such as on a bookshelf or a bay windowsill. The D-F100 is the envy of the industry in both size and quality of sound.
The Receiver unit features a high-capacity heatsink and a large transformer to produce a clean, powerful sound; the CD Player uses an 8-times
oversampling digital filter to reproduce a lively, fresh sound.
Along with its low power consumption during standby to help preserve the environment, the D-F100 is bound to enrich your life.
Mini Hi-Fi System
*Speakers shown may be different from those actually sold with the D-F100 system.