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Owner’s Manual ROTARY LAWN MOWER Craftsman 917374510 


  • Warranty
  • Safety Rules
  • Product Specifications
  • Assembly / Pre-Operation
  • Operation
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Maintenance
  • Service and Adjustments
  • Storage
  • Trou ble shooting
  • Repair Parts
  • Sears Service



  1. Remove loose parts included with mower.
  2. Cut down two end corners of carton and lay end panel down flat.
  3. Remove all packing materials except padding be tween upper and lower handle and padding holding operator presence control bar to upper handle.
  4. Roll lawn mower out of carton and check carton thor ough ly for additional loose parts.



IMPORTANT: Unfold handle carefully so as not to pinch or damage con trol cables.

  1. Raise handles until lower handle section locks into place in mowing position.
  2. Insert bolt through handle and bracket and secure with nut. A 1/2" wrench will be required.
  3. Remove protective padding, raise upper handle sec tion into place on lower handle and tighten both handle knobs.
  4. Remove handle padding holding operator pres ence control bar to upper handle.


  1. Put grass catcher frame into grass bag with rigid part of bag on the bottom. Make sure the frame handle is outside of the bag top.
  2. Slip vinyl bindings over frame.

NOTE: If vinyl bindings are too stiff, hold them in warm water for a few minutes. If bag gets wet, let it dry before using.


  1. Loosen T-knob.
  2. Hold control bar against upper handle.
  3. Slowly pull engine starter rope out until rope will slip into loop of rope guide.
  4. Tighten T-knob.



The warranty on this lawn mower does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. To receive full value from the warranty, operator must maintain unit as in structed in this manual.

Some adjustments will need to be made periodically to properly maintain your unit.

At least once a season, check to see if you should make any of the adjustments described in the Service and Ad just ments section of this manual.

  • At least once a year, replace the spark plug, clean or replace air filter element and check blade for wear. A new spark plug and clean/new air filter element assure proper air-fuel mix ture and help your engine run bet ter and last longer.
  • Follow the maintenance schedule in this manual.


  • Always observe safety rules when performing any maintenance.


  • Keep tires free of gasoline, oil, or insect control chemi cals which can harm rubber.
  • Avoid stumps, stones, deep ruts, sharp objects and other hazards that may cause tire damage.


For best results, mower blade must be kept sharp. Re place bent or dam aged blades.

CAUTION: Use only a replacement blade approved by the manufacturer of your mower. Using a blade not approved by the manufacturer of your mower is hazardous, could damage your mower and void your warranty.


  1. Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with plug.
  2. Turn lawn mower on its side. Make sure air filter and carburetor are up.
  3. Use a wood block between blade and mower hous ing to prevent blade from turning when re mov ing blade bolt. NOTE: Protect your hands with gloves and/or wrap blade with heavy cloth.
  4. Remove blade bolt by turning counterclockwise
  5. Remove blade and attaching hard ware (bolt, lock washer and hardened washer).


  1. Position blade on the blade adapter aligning the two (2) holes in the blade with the raised lugs on the adapter.
  2. Be sure the trailing edge of blade (opposite sharp edge) is up toward the engine.
  3. Install the blade bolt with the lock washer and hardened washer into blade adapter and crankshaft.
  4. Use block of wood between blade and lawn mower housing and tighten the blade bolt, turning clockwise.

IMPORTANT: Blade bolt is heat treated. If bolt needs replacing, replace only with approved bolt shown in the Repair Parts section of this manual.


NOTE: We do not recommend sharpen ing the blade - but if you do, be sure the blade is balanced. An un bal anced blade will cause eventual damage to lawn mower or engine. 

  • The blade can be sharp ened with a file or on a grinding wheel. Do not attempt to sharpen while on the mower.
  • To check blade balance, drive a nail into a beam or wall. Leave about one inch of the straight nail ex posed. Place center hole of blade over the head of the nail. If blade is balanced, it should remain in a horizontal position. If either end of the blade moves downward, sharpen the heavy end until the blade is balanced.


  • The grass catcher may be hosed with water, but must be dry when used.
  • Check your grass catcher often for damage or deterioration. Through normal use it will wear. If catcher needs replacing, replace only with ap proved replacement catcher shown in the Repair Parts section of this manual. Give the lawn mower model number when ordering.


NOTE: Before tipping lawn mower to drain oil, empty fuel tank by running engine until fuel tank is empty.

  1. Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with plug.
  2. Remove engine oil cap; lay aside on a clean surface.
  3. Tip lawn mower on its side as shown and drain oil into a suitable container. Rock lawn mower back and forth to remove any oil trapped inside of engine.
  4. Wipe off any spilled oil from lawn mower or side of engine.
  5. Slowly pour oil down the oil fill spout, stopping every few ounces to check the oil level with the dipstick.
  6. Stop adding oil when you reach the FULL mark on the dipstick. Wait a minute to allow oil to settle.
  7. Continue adding small amounts of oil, rechecking the dipstick until oil level settles at FULL. DO NOT overfill, or engine will smoke heavily from the muffler on startup.
  8. Always be sure to retighten oil dipstick before starting engine.
  9. Reconnect spark plug wire to plug.


Your engine will not run properly and may be damaged by using a dirty air filter. Replace the air filter every 100 hours of operation or every season, whichever occurs first. Service air cleaner more often under dusty conditions.


  1. Remove cover.
  2. Carefully remove cartridge.
  3. Clean by gently tapping on a flat surface. If very dirty, replace cartridge.
  4. Install cartridge, then replace cover


  • Inspect and replace corroded muffler as it could create a fire hazard and/or dam age.


IMPORTANT: For best performance, keep mower housing free of built-grass and trash. Clean the underside of your mower after each use.

CAUTION: Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with spark plug.

  • Clean the underside of your lawn mower by scraping to remove build-up of grass and trash.
  • Clean engine often to keep trash from accumulating. A clogged engine runs hotter and shortens engine life.
  • Keep finished surfaces and wheels free of all gasoline, oil, etc.
  • With the exception of the water washout port (if equipped), we do not recommend using a garden hose to clean the outside of your lawn mower unless the electrical system, muffler, air filter and carburetor are covered to keep water out. Water in engine can result in shortened engine life.


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