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Haier JC-110GD

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Operating instructions
Operating instructions
Temperature Control
When the Wine Cellar is rst turned on, it defaults to its red wine setting of 13°C (the light next
to the “red wine” button on the display will be illuminated).
The LED display will show the actual internal cabinet temperature of the Wine Cellar, which will
be close to the temperature of the room.
The Wine Cellar can be set to any temperature between 6 and 18°C to accommodate your wine
storage requirements.
To set the temperature:
Press both the “white wine” and “red wine” buttons simultaneously and hold for approximately 3
The LED display will start blinking, indicating it is now in temperature set mode.
Decrease the temperature by pushing the “white wine” button or increase the temperature by
pressing the “red wine” button. The temperature can be changed in 1°C increments.
After 10 seconds the Wine Cellar LED screen will return to displaying the current internal
temperature reading.
Fig 2. Temperature control


Haier JC-110GD.

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