User Manual Haier JC-110GD 36 Btls Wine Storage Cabinet

Haier JC-110GD

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Installation instructions
Before rst use
Remove all packaging from inside the Wine Cellar.
Clean the inside of the appliance with warm water and a little liquid dishwashing detergent to
remove manufacturing and transportation dust.
Allow the Wine Cellar to run empty for at least 30 minutes to allow the appliance to acclimatise
itself before making any temperature adjustments.
The appliance may have an odour on its initial operation. This will go when the Wine Cellar has
cooled suciently.
Energy eciency
For optimal energy eciency when operating your Wine Cellar:
Do not cover your appliance with any material that will prevent air fromowing around the
cabinets sides.
Do not leave the door open for any longer than is necessary.


Haier JC-110GD.

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