Haier JC-110GD 36 Btls Wine Storage Cabinet

User Manual - Page 14

For JC-110GD.

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Problem solving checklist
Problem solving checklist
If there is a problem with your appliance, please check the following points before contacting
your local Haier Appliances Dealer or Authorised Service Agent or Customer Care Centre.
Problem Possible causes What to do
Wine Cellar does not
No electricity at the
power outlet
Check that the Wine Cellar is correctly
connected and power switched on
Check another appliance at the same
Check house fuse
Wine appears too warm Temperature setting
not correct
Adjust temperature control to colder
Frequent door
Minimise door openings to allow
temperature to stabilise
Large amount of wine
bottles added
Allow time for recently added wine to
reach desired temperature
Wine temperature
is too cold
Temperature setting
not correct
If temperature control setting is too
cold, adjust to a warmer setting
Motor operates
for long periods
Hot weather Minimise door openings to allow
temperature to stabilise
Frequent door
Doors may have been opened
frequently or for an extended period
of time
Temperature setting
too low
The running time of the motor is
a๎˜Ÿected by the temperature setting
chosen. Refer to the Temperature
Control or Wine Storage sections for
optimal temperature settings.
Door not sealed
Check that the gasket is sitting ๎˜žat
and sealing tightly
Moisture build up on
interior or exterior
surface of the Wine Cellar
Not unusual during
periods of high
Wipe dry, or activate the condensation
control function
Prolonged or frequent
door openings
Minimise door openings to allow the
temperature to stabilise. Also check
that the gasket is sitting ๎˜žat and
sealing the door tightly.
Wine Cellar door does not
shut properly
Cabinet not positioned
stable or level
Level the Wine Cellar
Door obstruction Check for obstructions e.g. wine
bottles, shelves
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