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LB 4060


About these operating instructions

Legends and signal words

Product description

Designated use

Possible foreseeable misuse

Residual Dangers

Scope of supply

Symbols on the appliance

Safety and protective devices

Product Overview (01)

Safety instructions

General safety instructions for power tools

3.1.1 Electrical safety

3.1.2 Personal safety

3.1.3 Use and handling of the electrical tool

3.1.4 Safety in the workplace

3.1.5 Use and handling of the rechargeable battery-operated tool

3.1.6 Service

Safety instructions for leafblowers

3.2.1 Operator

3.2.2 Safety in the workplace

3.2.3 Safety of persons. animals and property

3.2.4 Noise Pollution

3.2.5 Vibration Load


Mounting the blowing tubes (02)


Charging the rechargeable battery


Inserting and pulling out the rechargeable battery (04. 05)

Operating the leaf blower (03)

Working behaviour and working technique



Storage of battery and charger

10 Maintenance and care

11 Disposal

12 After-sales/Service

13 Help in case of malfunction

14 Warranty

15 Declaration of conformity


■ Always safeguard these operating

■ Only pass on the appliance to other persons

■ Comply with the safety and warning

Legends and signal words


Denotes an imminently dangerous situation which will result in fatal or serious injury if not avoided.


Denotes a potentially dangerous situation which can result in fatal or serious injury if not avoided.


Denotes a potentially dangerous situation which can result in minor or moderate injury if not avoided.


Denotes a situation which can result in material damage if not avoided.

NOTE Special instructions for ease of understanding and handling.


These operating instructions describe a hand operated. rechargeable battery-powered leaf blower.

Designated use

This rechargeable battery-powered leaf blower is designed for private use. It can be used for: ■ Blowing away and collecting leaves. grass.

Before starting work. assemble the respective accessories that are enclosed.

Any other use. as well as unauthorised conversions or add-ons. are regarded as contrary to the intended use and will result in invalidation of the warranty as well as loss of conformity (CE mark). The manufacturer will thus decline any responsibility for damage and/or injury suffered by the user or third parties.

Possible foreseeable misuse

The tool is designed neither for commercial use in public parks and sports facilities. nor for use in farming and forestry.

Residual Dangers

Even during correct use of the appliance. there is always a certain residual risk that cannot be excluded. Depending on the use. the following potential risks can be derived from the type and construction of the appliance:

■ Throwing out of cuttings. soil and small

■ Damage to the hearing if no hearing

Scope of supply

NOTE The rechargeable battery and charging unit may not be included in the scope of delivery and must therefore be purchased separately depending on the model.

The rechargeable battery and charger must be purchased separately (depending on the model)

Lithium ion rechargeable battery. 42 V max..

4 Ah Order No. rechargeable battery 11328045. order No. charger 11328145

Symbols on the appliance

Symbol Meaning

Pay special attention when handling this product.

Read the operating instructions before starting operation.

Danger due to objects being thrown out.

Keep other people out of the danger area.

Do not reach into the fan.

Danger due to rotating parts

Read the operating instructions before maintenance work

LB 4060

Symbol Meaning

Wear protective glasses and ear protection.

Protect the appliance against rain and moisture.

Safety and protective devices


Risk of injury Defective and disabled safety and protective devices can lead to serious injury. Have any defective safety and protective devices repaired.

Never disable safety and protective devices.

Product overview (01-Page 8)

Protects the operator from the rotating cutting line and objects flying out.



Lower blowing tube with round nozzle. for large areas

Upper blowing tube

Locking button

Air speed regulator

Hand grip

Rechargeable battery*

Charger with mains plug*

Lower blowing tube with flat nozzle. for precision work

Instructions for use

+Not included in some models



Lack of knowledge of the safety instructions can pose a danger of extremely severe or even fatal injury. Observe all safety instructions and instructions for use in these operating instructions as well the operating instructions which are referred to before you start using the appliance.

Keep all supplied documents in a safe place for future reference.

General safety instructions for power tools


Read all safety instructions. instructions. illustrations and technical data that are provided with this power tool.

Failure to comply with the following instructions can lead to an electric shock. fire and/or series injuries. Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.

The term “power tool” used in the safety instructions refers to mains-operated power tools (with mains line) and to battery-operated power tools (without mains line).

3.1.1 Electrical safety

■ Avoid physical contact with earthed

■ Keep electric tools out of the rain and

3.1.2 Personal safety

Be alert. pay attention to what you are doing and take a cautious approach to working with a power tool. Do not use a power tool if you are tired or under the influence of drugs. alcohol or medicines.

A moment’s inattentiveness when using the power tool can result in serious injury.

Wear personal protective equipment. and always use safety goggles. The injury risk can be reduced by wearing personal protective equipment such as a dust mask. non-slip safety shoes. long trousers. a protective helmet and ear protection. depending on the type and application of the power tool.

■ Avoid starting to operate the machine

■ Remove the adjusting tools or spanner

■ Avoid an abnormal body posture. Make

■ Wear suitable clothing. Do not wear baggy

3.1.3 Using and handling of the electrical tools

■ Do not overload the power tool. Use the

■ Do not use a power tool if it has a

■ Disconnect the plug from the socket and/

■ Keep unused power tools out of the reach

■ Look after power tools and the insertion

■ Keep cutting tools sharp and clean.

Carefully maintained cutting tools with sharper cutting edges are less likely to stick and are easier to control.

■ Use power tools. accessories. insertion

■ Keep the grips and grip surfaces dry.

3.1.4 Safety in the workplace

■ Keep your working area clean. and make

■ Do not work with the power tool in a

■ Keep children and other people away from

3.1.5 Use and handling of the rechargeable battery-operated tool

■ Only recharge batteries with chargers that

LB 4060

■ Only use batteries in the power tools that

■ Keep the unused rechargeable battery

■ Incorrect use can result in fluid leaking

■ Do not use a damaged or changed

■ Do not expose a rechargeable battery to

■ Comply with all of the instructions for

3.1.6 Service

■ For your own safety. only have your

■ Never maintain damaged batteries. All

Safety instructions for leaf blowers

3.2.1 Operator

■ Young people under 16 years of age and

■ Do not operate the appliance if you are under

3.2.2 Safety in the workplace

■ Work only in daylight or under very bright

■ Before work. remove any hazardous products

■ Operate the appliance only on solid and level

■ Pay attention to stability. ■ When working. move cautiously and slowly.

Do not run. Watch out for obstacles.

■ Never work on a smooth and slippery slope. ■ Always ensure that you are standing

■ Always blow the leaves near to the ground. ■ Never work up a slope.

3.2.3 Safety of persons. animals and property

■ Only use the appliance for the purposes for

■ You are responsible for accidents and

■ Only switch on the appliance when there are

Maintain a safe distance to persons or animals. or switch off the appliance if persons or animals approach.

■ Never aim the blowing tube at persons or

■ Never blow refuse in the direction of persons

■ During operation. keep your eyes and ears

■ Do not reach into the vacuum and vent grilles

■ Immediately switch off the appliance if there

■ Never operate the appliance with worn or

■ Keep the appliance out of the reach of

■ Switch off the appliance before crossing

■ Do not lay the appliance down on gravel

3.2.4 Noise pollution

A certain level of noise exposure from this appliance is inevitable. Carry out noisy work at approved and specified time periods. Observe rest periods as necessary and restrict the duration of the work to a minimum. For your personal protection and protection of persons in the vicinity. appropriate hearing protection must be worn.

3.2.5 Vibration load


Danger due to vibration The actual magnitude of the vibration

Is the appliance being used as intended?

Is the material being cut or processed in the proper manner?

Is the appliance in a proper condition of use?

Is the cutting tool properly sharpened or is the correct cutting tool installed?

Are the handle grips and any optional vibration grips mounted. and are they firmly attached to the appliance?

■ Only operate the tool at the motor speed

■ The noise and vibrations of the tool may

In this case. immediately switch off the tool and have it repaired by an authorised service workshop.

■ The degree of stress due to vibration

■ Extensive use of the tool exposes the

■ Take long breaks during your working day so

■ If you notice an unpleasant sensation or

■ Minimise your risk of being exposed to

■ If the tool is used frequently. contact your

■ Avoid working with the tool at temperatures

LB 4060



Danger if assembly is not carried out completely!

Operation of an incompletely assembled appliance can result in serious injury. Only operate the appliance when it is fully assembled.

Do not insert the battery into the appliance until it is fully assembled.

Check that all safety and protective devices are in place and functioning correctly before switching on.

Mounting the blowing tubes (02 Page

1. Push the upper blowing tube (02/1) onto the

2. Slide the selected lower blowing tube (02/2)

3. Check the fastened blowing tubes to ensure


Charging the rechargeable battery


Danger of fire during charging!

Due to heating of the charger. there is a danger of fire if it is placed on a flammable surface and is not adequately ventilated. Always use the charger on a non inflammable surface or in a non combustible environment.

Keep the ventilation slots free.

NOTE Fully charge the rechargeable battery before using it for the first time. The rechargeable battery can be charged in any charge status. Interrupting charging does not damage the rechargeable battery.

NOTE When charging. the rechargeable battery is protected from overcharging due to automatic detection of the charge status and thus can remain connected to the charging unit for some time. but not permanently.

The temperature range for charging should be between 5 °C and +45 °C. The charging time until full charge is max. 120 minutes. If the operating time of the rechargeable battery is reduced in spite of it being fully charged. the rechargeable battery is at the end of its service life and must be replaced by a new original rechargeable battery.



Risk of injury due to detaching appliance parts Appliance parts detaching during operation can lead to serious injury. Before switching on the appliance. check that all appliance parts are firmly attached.

Inserting and pulling out the rechargeable battery (04. 05-Page 8)

Inserting the rechargeable battery (04)

1. Push (04/a) the rechargeable battery (04/2)

Pulling out the rechargeable battery (05) 1. Press (05/a) and hold the unlock button


2. Pull out (05/b) the rechargeable battery


Operating the leaf blower


Risk of injury and damage to property Persons or animals can be injured and soiled by the air jet and blown away material. It is essential to make sure that the air jet and blown away material does not negatively affect persons or animals or damage objects.

Note the wind direction.

NOTE Never work against the wind to ensure that you and persons behind you are not soiled.

1. Stand securely.

Switching on the leaf blower 1. Turn (03/a) the air speed regulator (03/1)

Switching off the leaf blower 1. Turn (03/b) the air speed regulator (03/1)


■ Angle the machine forwards slightly. and

■ Sweep the machine to the right and left in

■ Do not overload the appliance during work. ■ After use. remove the rechargeable battery


NOTE The nominal energy of the rechargeable battery is more than 100 Wh. Therefore. observe the following transport instructions.

The li-ion rechargeable battery contained in the appliance is subject to the hazardous goods law.

■ Commercial users who carry out the transport

In both cases. it is essential to take the mandatory precautions mentioned above to prevent any leakage of the contents. In other cases. it is essential to comply with the regulations of the hazardous goods law. In the case of non-compliance. severe penalties can be imposed on the sender and possibly the transporter.

Additional notes on transport and shipment Only transport or send the li-ion rechargeable battery in an undamaged condition.

For transporting the rechargeable battery. only use the original cardboard box or a suitable hazardous goods cardboard box (not required for rechargeable batteries with a nominal energy less than 100 Wh).

Tape off exposed rechargeable battery contacts to avoid a short circuit.

Secure the rechargeable battery against shifting in the packaging to avoid damage to the rechargeable battery.

Ensure the correct marking and documentation of the shipment for transport or shipping (e.g. by parcel service or freight forwarding).

Check in advance that transport with the selected service provider is possible and indicate the shipment.

We recommend involving a hazardous goods specialist in preparation of the shipment. Also heed any further national regulations.


Thoroughly clean the appliance after each use and – if present – attach all covers. Store the appliance in a dry. lockable place out of the reach of children.

LB 4060

Carry out the following jobs before intervals in work lasting for longer than 30 days:

Storing the rechargeable battery and charger


Danger of explosion and fire!

Persons will be fatally or severely injured if the rechargeable battery explodes because it was stored in front of naked flames or heat sources. Store the rechargeable battery in cool and dry conditions. but not in front of naked flames or heat sources.

NOTE When charging. the rechargeable battery is protected from overcharging due to automatic detection of the charge status and thus can remain connected to the charging unit for some time. but not permanently.

■ Store the rechargeable battery in a dry. frost

■ Due to the risk of short-circuit. do not store

■ Recharge the rechargeable battery for

10 MAINTENANCE AND CARE ■ Do not get the machine wet or expose it to

■ Remove the rechargeable battery and check

■ Regularly check the machine is in good

■ Check the appliance’s electrical contacts for


Electrical and electronic appliances do not belong in household waste. but should be collected and disposed of separately.

Used batteries or rechargeable batteries that are not installed permanently in the old appliance must be removed before disposal. Their disposal is regulated by the battery law.

Owners or users of electrical and electronic appliances are obliged by law to return them after use.

The end user bears personal responsibility for deleting his personal data from the old appliance to be disposed of.

The symbol of the crossed-through rubbish bin means that electrical and electronic appliances may not be disposed of in the household rubbish.

Electrical and electronic appliances can be handed in at the following places at no charge: ■ Public service disposal or collection points

(e.g. municipal building yards)

■ Points of sale of electrical appliances

(stationary and online) provided traders are obliged to take them back or offer this voluntarily.

These statement apply to appliances that are installed and sold in the countries of the European Union and are subject to European Directive 2012/19/EU. Different provisions may apply to the disposal of electrical and electronic appliances in countries outside the European Union.

Used batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste. but should be collected and disposed of separately.

For safe removal of batteries or rechargeable batteries from the electrical appliance and for information on their type or chemical system. follow the further information within the operating or installation instructions.

Owners or users of batteries and rechargeable batteries are obliged by law to return them after use. Return is limited to the handover of customary household quantities.

Used batteries can contain harmful substances or heavy metals that can cause damage to the environment and human health. Reuse of the used batteries and use of the resources contained therein contributes to the protection of these two essential commodities.

The symbol of the crossed-through rubbish bin means that batteries and rechargeable batteries may not be disposed of in household rubbish.

In addition. if the symbol Hg. Cd or Pb appears under the rubbish bin. this stands for the following: ■ Hg: Battery contains more than 0.0005 %

■ Cd: Battery contains more than 0.002 %

■ Pb: Battery contains more than 0.004 % lead

Rechargeable batteries and batteries can be handed in at the following places at no charge: ■ Public service disposal or collection points

(e.g. municipal building yards)

■ Points of sale of batteries and rechargeable

■ Disposal points of the common take-back

■ Disposal point of the manufacturer (if not a

These statements apply to rechargeable batteries and batteries that are sold in the countries of the European Union and that are subject to European Directive 2006/66/EU.

Different provisions can apply to the disposal of rechargeable batteries and batteries in countries outside the European Union.


In the event of questions of warranty. repair or spare parts. please contact your nearest MASPORT Service Centre.

These can be found on the Internet at:



Risk of injury Sharp-edged and moving appliance parts can lead to injury. Always wear protective gloves during maintenance. care and cleaning work.

Malfunction Cause Remedy

Appliance does not blow.

Attachment blocked.

Clean the attachment.

Intake grille blocked.

Clean the intake grille.

Engine does not run.

Rechargeable battery is flat.

Charge the rechargeable battery.

Rechargeable battery missing or rechargeable battery not seated correctly.

Insert the rechargeable battery correctly.

Rechargeable battery is too cold or too hot.

Warm up the rechargeable battery slightly or allow it to cool down.

Regulator dial is not set to "Off" and rechargeable battery has been removed.

Set the regulator dial to "Off" and wait for 3 seconds. Then switch on the machine.

Motor keeps cutting out.

Air speed regulator is defective.

Contact a Masport service centre.

Motor cuts out.

Motor protection switch has switched off.

Wait until the motor protection switch switches the machine back on.

Ventilation slots soiled.

Clean the equipment.

Rechargeable battery operating time is significantly shorter.

Rechargeable battery discharged because it has not been used for some time.

Charge the rechargeable battery.

The service life of the rechargeable battery has expired.

Replace the rechargeable battery.

Only use genuine accessories from the manufacturer.

Rechargeable battery cannot be charged.

Rechargeable battery contacts are dirty.

Contact a Masport service centre.

Rechargeable battery or charging unit is defective.

Order replacement parts. Contact a Masport service centre.

Rechargeable battery is too hot.

Allow the rechargeable battery to cool down.

14 WARRANTY 14.1 Warranty provider

14.1.1 The Warranty set out below is provided

14.2 General warranty coverage

14.2.1 The New Zealand Consumer Guarantees

Act 1993 (“New Zealand Consumer Act”) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (including the Australian Consumer Law 2011) (“Australian Consumer Law”). as well as other laws in each of those jurisdictions. guarantee or imply certain conditions. warranties and undertakings. and give you other legal rights. in relation to the quality and fitness for purpose of our products sold in New Zealand and Australia respectively.

14.2.2 For products sold in New Zealand. these

14.2.3 For products sold in Australia. our goods

14.3 Warranty

14.3.1 Masport warrants to you that each

Product will be free from material defects in workmanship

Garden Products Warranty Period

Energy Flex Products 4 years

Li-ion Batteries and Char

3 years

14.3.2 Energy Flex product range is not

14.3.3 Masport will repair or replace (at

Masport’s sole option) any Product that does not comply with the Warranty.

The repair or replacement by Masport may be performed by a Masport agent or Specialist Retailer. You will not be charged for any labour costs involved in the repair or replacement but must bear the cost of transporting or delivering the Product to and from the location of the Masport agent or Specialist Retailer where the warranty claim is made.

14.3.4 Masport warrants that repair facilities

14.4 Exclusions from Warranty

14.4.1 No warranty is given under clause 14.3

(b) modification. repairs or alteration of the Product carried out by persons other than authorised Masport service agents;

(c) acts or omissions by anyone other than Masport after the Product has left Masport’s control;

(d) Wear parts that are marked with a frame

NOTE If you encounter any malfunctions that are not listed in this table or that you cannot rectify yourself. please contact your local service dealer.

(e) Paint damage that can be attributed to normal wear and tear

(f) accidental damage. neglect. misuse of the product;

(g) any event outside of Masport’s reasonable control. including without limitation. adverse weather conditions;

(h) sharpening or setting of blades; or

(i) pre-delivery assembly of the Product by anyone except for Masport. Masport authorised service agents or any other person authorised by Masport.

(j) Batteries left in a state of discharge or not regularly maintained as per instructions.

14.5 Warranty in addition to consumer protection laws

14.5.1 Despite anything else in this warranty.

14.5.2 The Warranty is in addition to any

Consumer Protection Warranty that may apply. for example. under the New Zealand Consumer Act or the Australian Consumer Law. or under the laws of the place where the Product was purchased.

To the extent permitted by applicable law.

Masport’s liability under any Consumer Protection Warranty will be limited (at Masport’s sole option) to Masport repairing or replacing the relevant Product or paying for such repair or replacement.

14.6 No other warranties or liability

14.6.1 Subject to Clause 14.5. Masport

14.6.2 Subject to Clause 14.5. in no event will

Masport be liable (whether in contract. tort. negligence or in any other way) for: (a) loss of profits or savings. loss of goodwill or opportunity. loss of production or wasted time; or

(b) loss. damage. cost or expense of any kind whatsoever which is indirect. consequential. or of a special nature. arising directly or indirectly from the Product. even if Masport had been advised of the possibility of such damages.

14.6.3 Subject to Clause 14.5. in no event will

Masport’s total liability under any claim of whatever nature arising directly or indirectly from the Product exceed the price you paid for the Product.

14.6.4 This warranty embodies the entire

14.7 How to obtain service for a faulty Product

14.7.1 You must return the Product to the place of purchase or any Masport Specialist retailer. along with reasonable evidence of the date the Product was purchased. for example. an original receipt.

14.7.2 Masport or its agent will assess the claim

14.7.3 All claims under the Warranty must be

14.8 Definitions

In this warranty:

14.8.1 “Consumer Protection Warranty”

14.8.2 “Warranty” means the warranty in

Clause 14.3;

14.8.3 “Masport” means Masport Limited. a

New Zealand company located at 1-37 Mt Wellington Highway. Panmure 1060.

Auckland. New Zealand and Masport Australia Pty Ltd. 1/40 Abbotts Rd.

Dandenong. South Australia. Victoria 3175;


We hereby declare that this product in its marketed form conforms to the requirements of the harmonised EU Directives. EU safety standards and the product-specific standards.

Product Rechargeable battery leaf blower Serial number G2043012

Manufacturer AL-KO Geräte GmbH Ichenhauser Str. 14 D-89359 Kötz Germany

Duly authorised person for technical file Andreas Hedrich Ichenhauser Str. 14 D-89359 Kötz Germany

Type LB 4060

Sound power level EN ISO 3744 measured/guaranteed 89.5 dB(A) / 96 dB(A)

EU directives 2006/42/EC 2014/30/EU 2000/14/EC 2011/65/EU

Harmonised standards EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014 EN 50636-2-100:2014 EN 62233:2008 EN 55014-1:2006+A2:2011 EN 55014-2:2015

Named position TÜV Industrie Service GmbH TÜV Süd Group Westendstraße 199 80686 MUNICH GERMANY No. 0499

Conformity evaluation 2000/14/EC Appendix VI

Dr. Wolfgang Hergeth Managing Director

14.8.4 “Product” means the Masport garden

14.8.5 “You” means the original purchaser of

Thank you for purchasing your Masport product. We know that you’ll enjoy it!

To register your product warranty. simply visit our website:

+ 2020 Masport Limited New Zealand 320 Ti Rakau Drive. East Tamaki. Auckland 2013 PO Box 14-349. Panmure. Auckland 1741 P: 0800 MASPORT F: 0508 570 570 E: [email protected]

Masport Australia Pty Limited 1/40 Abbots Road. Dandenong South. Victoria 3175 PO Box 533. Braeside. Victoria 3195. Australia P: 1300 366 225 F: 1800 035 594 E: [email protected]

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