User Manual Samsung ME19A7041WS 1.9-cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave

Samsung ME19A7041WS 1.9-cu ft Over-the-Range Microwave - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User manual Microwave for Samsung ME19A7041WS

Table of contents

  • Checking the parts
  • Warranty and service information
  • Setting up your microwave oven
  • Features
  • Checking the control panel
  • Setting the time
  • Child lock
  • Settings
  • Eco mode
  • Sensor cooking buttons
  • Reheat button
  • Auto defrost button
  • Fit choice button
  • Beverage button
  • Soften/melt button
  • Snacks button
  • Microwave cooking times & Power levels
  • Microwave-safe utensils
  • General microwave tips
  • Cooking meat
  • Cooking poultry
  • Cooking seafood
  • Cooking eggs
  • Cooking vegetables
  • Recipes


To thaw frozen foods, enter the weight of the food, and the microwave automatically sets the defrosting time, power level, and standing time. Press the START button to start defrosting.

  • Press the Auto Defrost button.
  • Press the number buttons to directly enter the weight of the food.
  • Press the START button.
  • The oven will beep twice during the defrosting process. Open the oven door, and turn the food over.


  • Press the Soften/Melt button. Press the Number button to choose between Soften/Melt available settings. (Refer to the Soften/Melt table below for a list of the items.)
  • Press the number 1 or 2 button to select the amount. You can cook only 1 serving for the Melt Chocolate, Soften Butter, and Soften Cream Cheese options. (Refer to the Soften/Melt table for the serving size.)
  • Press the START button to begin cooking.

How to connect the microwave oven

  • Download and open the SmartThings app on your smart device.
  • Follow the app’s on-screen instructions to connect your microwave oven.
  • To operate smart control function from the microwave oven, touch and hold OK button for 3 seconds.
  • Once the process is complete, the icon appears on your microwave oven display and the app will confirm you are connected.
  • If the connection icon does not turn on, follow the instruction on the app to reconnect.


Use the Kitchen Timer for timing up to 99 minutes, 99 seconds.

  • Press the Kitchen Timer bu

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