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Charging the battery

Fully charge the battery before using the earbuds for the first time or when they have been unused for extended periods. The earbuds will power on while charging. When you charge the battery for the first time or when the battery is completely discharged, it needs at least 10 minutes to start to work.

Check the direction of each earbud, insert them into the corresponding slots, and then connect the charger.

The charging case, which has a built-in battery, is charged along with the earbuds that are in the charging case when connected to the charger.

You can charge the earbuds by placing them into the charging case that has been already charged.

  • Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Unapproved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the Galaxy Buds+.

• Connecting the charger improperly may cause serious damage to the charging case. Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty.

• Use only USB Type-C cable supplied with the device. The charging case may be damaged if you use Micro USB cable.


• Chargers are sold separately.

• To save energy, unplug the charger when not in use. The charger does not have a power switch, so you must unplug the charger from the electric socket when not in use to avoid wasting power. The charger should remain close to the electric socket and easily accessible while charging.

• You cannot use your earbuds’ wireless features while charging the earbuds’ batteries.

• Close the charging case when you store or charge the earbuds.

• If there is sweat or liquid on the charging contacts, corrosion may occur on the Galaxy Buds+. When there is sweat or liquid on the charging contacts or earbuds, clean them before inserting the earbuds in the charging case.

• When you insert your earbuds in the charging case, the charging will start automatically, and it will stop automatically if earbuds are fully charged.

• It will l

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