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Dimplex DIMC12RC

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The adjustable window slider kit is installed as shown below.
When the heating or dehumidification functions are used the upper
drain plug (6) must be removed and a drain hose must be attached.
When using the heating function move the rear air outlet with the exhaust tube to the front of
the unit as below:
The outlet exhaust must still be attached to the window when using the heating function.
Return the outlet and tube to the rear of the unit for cooling or dehumidification.
WATER DRAIN (Error code E4)
When the air conditioner is used, excess water condensation may be produced that cannot be
removed via the exhaust hose. This water is captured by an internal container. When this
container is full, the unit will stop working and display the E4 error code.
When the error code E4 is displayed the water collected in the internal container must be
manually drained:
1. Switch off and unplug the unit.
2. Move the unit to a suitable place to drain the water.
Consider placing a tray or suitable container under the
outlet pipe to catch the drained water.
3. Remove the lower drain plug (11), refer to parts illustration.
4. Slightly tilt the unit to the rear to drain the water.
5. Replace the drain plug.
Make sure the drain plug is re-fitted to the drain outlet before
Extend the exhaust to the window before the unit is restarted.


Dimplex DIMC12RC.

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