User Manual Dimplex DIMC12RC Portable Reverse Cycle Aircon with Dehumidifier

Dimplex DIMC12RC

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Never try to repair or dismantle the air conditioner yourself. Unauthorized repairs may
result in the loss of warranty and can endanger the user and their property.
Problem Cause Solution
No power supply. Connect to a functioning power
supply socket and switch on.
Error code E4 is shown,
indicating the internal water
container is full.
Empty the internal water
(Refer to WATER DRAIN)
The air conditioner
does not operate.
The start timer function is
Press the POWER button to
deactivate the TIMER function.
The air conditioner is in direct
Close the curtains.
Windows or doors are open. Close windows and doors.
The filters are dirty. Clean the filters.
The air inlets or outlets are
Remove the blockage.
The air conditioner
does not seem to
operate efficiently.
The room temperature is
below the set temperature.
Lower set temperature.
The air conditioner
is noisy.
The air conditioner is not
Place the air conditioner on an
even, solid surface.
The compressor
does not work.
The overheat protection is
Wait 30 minutes until the
temperature has decreased,
then turn the air conditioner on
Note: Compressor operation
begins 3 minutes after the unit
is switched on.
The distance between the
remote control and the air
conditioner is too great.
Move closer to the air
conditioner. Aim the remote
control directly at the control
The remote control
does not function.
The batteries are flat. Replace the batteries.
If you have any issues with your unit, please contact Glen Dimplex for
your nearest service agent.
Proof of purchase is required at the time of service.
The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase.
Glen Dimplex Australia Pty Ltd Glen Dimplex Australasia Ltd
Manukau, Auckland 2013
Ph: 1300 556 816 Ph: (09) 274 8265
Fax: 1800 058 900 Fax: (09) 274 8472
Web: Web:
Do not dispose of electrical appliances as unsorted municipal
waste. Use separate collection facilities.
Contact your local government for information regarding the
collection systems available.
If electrical appliances are disposed of in landfills or dumps,
hazardous substances can leak into the ground water, polluting the
food chain and damaging health and well-being.
38 Harris Road, East Tamaki,
Australia New Zealand
Unit 1, 21 Lionel Road.
Mount Waverley VIC 3149.


Dimplex DIMC12RC.

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