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Kevo Support:
USA: 1-800-327-5625
Australia free call 1800 623 118
New Zealand free call 0800 736 776
Reference Guide
Kevo at a Glance
1. Touch Kevo anywhere on the
metallic surface behind the
light ring to lock and unlock.
2. Insert your SmartKey tool here
when rekeying your lock to
work with your existing key.
3. Changes color to communicate
with you.
4. Insert your standard key here.
Only use to reset Kevo
to delete all eKeys and fobs.
See “System Reset” for more
6. Where all the programming
features are located.
7. Use to enroll phones and fobs.
8. Engages with turnpiece when
interior cover is installed. When
the cover is removed, the
turnpiece shaft can be used
to manually lock and unlock
the door.
9. Use to reset Kevo activation
10. Use to enable and disable the
Status LED, Triple Touch Lock,
Audio, and Auto-Lock.
11. Communicates whether the
door is locked or unlocked and
lashes red for a low battery
alert. Can be turned on and o
by Switch #1.
Kevo-Compatible Devices
Smartphones and Smart Devices
A Kevo-compatible smartphone (or other
mobile internet-connected device or tablet)
must have Bluetooth Smart Ready/ Bluetooth
4.0 and an app speciic to the device must be
installed. Find out if your device is compatible
Kevo Fob
A Kevo Fob is a Bluetooth device that provides the
same touch-to-open convenience as a smartphone.
Up to eight fobs can be enrolled in a single Kevo lock. A
single fob can be enrolled in up to 25 dierent Kevo locks.
Note: You may choose to use only Kevo fobs, only
smartphones or a mix of both in your Kevo system.
Standard Key
Always make sure you have access to your standard key.
Switches Triple Touch Lock and Auto-Lock
Switch 1
Status LED
Door lock status LED blinks every 6
seconds. ON position is factory default.
Switch 2
Triple Touch Lock
See “Triple Touch Lock.”
OFF position is factory default.
Switch 3
Beeping sound is heard during
programming and normal operation.
ON position is factory default.
Switch 4
Automatically re-locks door 30
seconds after unlocking. OFF position
is factory default.
Triple Touch Lock allows you to lock the door from the outside
without the use of a smartphone or fob. You might use Triple
Touch Lock if you are using only a standard key in your system
but wish to lock the door by touch, if your smartphone or fob is
disabled, or if you have a visitor in your home that will leave and
lock the door behind them.
To lock the door with this feature, touch the deadbolt rose three
times, pausing briely between each touch. The light ring will spin
blue, spin amber, then lash amber, and you will hear one beep (if
switch #3 is on).
To enable Triple Touch Lock, set Switch #2 to the ON position.
Auto-Lock will automatically re-lock the door 30 seconds after
unlocking. To enable Auto-Lock, set Switch #4 to the ON position.
Both features are OFF by default.
CAUTION: With these feature enabled, it is possible to lock
yourself outside if you don’t have an enrolled smartphone,
Kevo fob or standard key with you.
on o
1. Deadbolt rose
3. Light strip
2. SmartKey tool
5. Reset button
6. Back panel
7. Program button
8. Turnpiece shaft
4. Keyway
9. Positioning
Technology button
10. Switches
11. Status LED
System Reset
If you wish to perform a system reset, press and hold the Reset
button on the back panel for 10 seconds until the lock beeps and the
light ring lashes red.
WARNING: Resetting your Kevo system will restore your
lock to factory settings and delete all smartphones and fobs
from Kevo’s memory.
Phones: After a system reset, you will need to re-enroll and your
Owner phone. You will still be able to send eKeys at no charge to
anyone who previously had an active eKey at the time of reset.
Fobs: After a system reset, all fobs will need to be re-enrolled.
See the online Troubleshooting guide for instructions.