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  • Owner's manual - (English)

Juicer User manual Juicer Kuvings model B6000W 

Table Of Contents

  • Important Safeguards
  • Safety Warning
  • Parts
  • How to Assemble
  • How to Operate
  • Tips on Operation
  • Tips on Ingredient
  • Ingredients Preparation
  • How to Disassemble and Clean
  • How to Clean Silicone Parts
  • OPTIONAL | How to Use the Cleaning Tool
  • Troubleshooting Q&A
  • Specifications


The Slow Juicer is an innovative product that uses a patented slow- speed masticating technology to efficiently extract the juice from ingredients. The juicer is designed to obtain the best result from ingredients with firm composition and with high water content.

For best result, each ingredient should be prepared and extracted depending on its characteristics and properties.

Experience the best quality juice by understanding each ingredient’s characteristics and knowing the optimal way of handling the ingredients.

Operating the juicer without ingredients can cause damage to the screw.

Do not continuously operate the juicer for more than 30 minutes.

This can damage the motor from overheating.

After continuous use, let the juicer rest for 30 minutes to cool down before starting another session.

Do not put fi ngers or other objects into the feeding tube. Always use provided pusher when needed.

If other objects are inserted into the feeding tube during operation, such materials can get stuck and damage the juicer parts and/or cause injury.

Do not put dried or hard ingredients like whole grains, fruits with hard seeds or ice into the juicer.

These may damage the juicer parts (e.g. juicing bowl, juicing screw, and strainer).

Beans or grains can be used if soaked overnight or boiled.

Fruits with pits and hard seeds (e.g. nectarines, peaches, mangoes and cherries) must be pitted before juicing.

When using frozen fruits with small seeds such as grapes, completely thaw before inserting them into the juicer.

  • Do not use ingredients containing excessive amounts of vegetable oil or animal fat.
  • Do not use the juicer to extract

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