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User Guide KitchenAid 5KCM0812AOB Coffee Brewer


  • Wrap the cloth filter around the stainless steel filter disc, then use the drawstrings to cinch the centre and outer ties into place. Insert the filter disc in the brew unit as usual.
  • After brewing, untie the drawstrings, remove the cloth filter from the stainless steel filter disc, and carefully rinse in running tap water to remove all residue.


  • Keep the brew unit steady by grasping the brew unit handle, and use the coffee filter handle to place the coffee filter into the bottom of the brew unit. Turn the coffee filter handle clockwise until the coffee filter locks into place.
  • Scoop the desired amount of ground coffee into the brew unit using the coffee scoop; then, place the lid on the brew unit. See “Coffee Dosage Guide” on page 6 for more information.
  • Fill the carafe with fresh, filtered water to the desired cup level as indicated on the sides of the carafe. To avoid spills on the countertop, do not overfill the carafe.
  •  Place the carafe on the base.

If using the optional cloth filter:

  1. Rinse the filter with hot water after use. Squeeze out excess water, and hang up to dry thoroughly between uses.
  2. Allow the Siphon Coffee Brewer to cool. Then dump the brewed coffee grounds into a waste basket. Gently tap the brew unit with the palm of your hand to remove coffee grounds remaining on the sides of the brew unit.
  3.  Turn the coffee filter handle counterclockwise to unlock and remove. Then, wash the coffee filter by running under warm water. Allow to air dry.
  4.  Cover the bottom of the stainless steel siphon tube with the palm of your hand. Fill the brew unit with hot tap water, moving it in a circular motion to rinse away remaining coffee grounds.


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