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1. Leaving the ame effect on, lift out the fuelbed and water tank.
2. It should be possible to view the lamps with the nozzle in place and observe which one needs to be changed.
3. Put Switch ‘A’ in the ‘OFF’ position, and unplug the re from the mains.
4. Leave the appliance for 20 minutes to allow the lamps to cool down before removing them.
5. Remove the sump as described in the Cleaning Section.
6. Remove the defective lamp, by gently lifting vertically and disengaging the pins from the lamp holder, (Fig.4 and
Replace with a Dimplex OPTIMYST, 12V, 45W, Gu5.3 base, 8º beam angle, coloured lamp. (To purchase replacement
lamps go to the section ‘After Sales Service’, details of how to purchace the lamps are contained therein.)
7. Carefully insert the two pins of the new lamp into the two holes in the lamp holder. Push rmly in place. (Fig.4 and
8. Replace the sump, nozzle, water tank and fuelbed.
WarningAlways press Switch ‘A’ to the ‘OFF’ (0) position (Fig.10) and disconnect from the power supply before
cleaning the re.
We recommend cleaning the following components once every 2 weeks, particularly in hard water areas:-
Water Tank, Sump, Nozzle, Tank cap and seal, Air lter.
For general cleaning use a soft clean duster – never use abrasive cleaners.
To remove any accumulation of dust or uff the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner should occasionally be
used to clean the outlet grille of the fan heater.
Water tank
1. Remove water tank, as described earlier, put into sink and empty water.
2. Using the supplied brush gently rub the inside surfaces of the cap paying particular attention to the rubber ring in
the outer groove and the centre rubber seal.
3. Put a small quantity of washing up liquid into the tank, ret the cap and shake well, rinse out until all traces of
washing up liquid are gone.
4. Rell with ltered tap water only, replace the cap, do not overtighten.
1. Press Switch ‘A’ to the ‘OFF’ (0) position
2. Gently lift out the fuelbed and place carefully on the ground.
3. Remove the water tank by lifting upwards.
4. Disconnect the electrical connector, located on the right side of the sump. (Fig.5) .
5. Release the right sump locking tabs by turning 90º. This allows the sump to be lifted completely from its location.
(Fig. 11)
6. Gently lift up the sump, taking care to keep level so as not to spill any water. Sit the assembly in the sink.
7. Release the left sump locking tabs by turning 90º, then lift off the Nozzle. (Fig.3)
8. Lift out the transducer and carefully tilt, as shown, so that the liquid drains out of the sump. (Fig.13)
9. Put a small amount of washing up liquid into the sump, and using the supplied brush, gently clean all surfaces in the
sump and gently clean the transducer including the metal discs located in the top grooved surface. (Fig.14)
10. When cleaned, thoroughly rinse the sump with clean water to remove all traces of washing up liquid.
11. Clean the Nozzle with the brush and ush out thoroughly with water. (Fig.15)
12. Reverse the above steps to reassemble.
Air lter
1. Gently lift out the fuelbed and place carefully on the ground.
2. Gently slide the air lter upwards out of its plastic holder. (Fig.16)
3. Gently rinse with water in the sink and dry with fabric towel before returning.
4. Replace the lter making sure that the coarse black lter is facing the front of the re.
5. Replace the fuelbed.