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Symptom Cause Corrective Action
The ame effect will
not start.
Mains plug is not plugged in.
Low water level.
Low voltage connector not connected
properly. (Fig.5)
The Transducer Unit is not sitting correctly in
the sump
Check plug is connected to wall socket
Check that the water tank is full and there is
water in the sump.
Check that the connector is inserted
correctly. (Fig.5)
Ensure the Transducer in sitting down into
the moulded recess in the sump
The ame effect is too
Flame effect control knob is set too low.
The Metal Disc in the transducer might be
dirty (Fig.14)
The wire from the Transducer Unit is sitting
over the metal disc
Increase level of ame by turning Control
knob ‘D’ to the left slowly. (Fig.10)
Clean the Metal Disc with soft brush
supplied. (Fig.14) See ‘Maintenance.’ for a
step by step procedure.
Direct the wire to the back of the sump and
make sure it sits into the side slot exiting the
Unpleasant smell
when unit is used.
Dirty or stale water.
Using unltered tap water.
Clean the unit as described under
Use only ltered tap water.
The ame effect has
too much smoke.
Flame effect setting is too high. Turn the ame effect Control knob ‘D’ to
the right, about ¼ a turn, at a time. Give the
ame generator some time to adjust to the
new setting. (Fig.10)
Main lamps are not
working and there are
no ames or smoke.
There is no water in the water tank Follow instructions under
Maintenance, ‘Filling the water tank’.
Check the plug is connected to the wall
socket correctly and that Switch ‘A’ Fig. 10 is
in the ‘ON’ ( I ) position.