User Manual - Page 8

For ALAMEDA. Also, The document are for others Dimplex models: ENG56-400, ENG68-400, ENG56-600

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Only use ltered tap water in this appliance.
Always ensure that the appliance is sitting on a level surface.
If you intend not using the appliance for longer than 2 weeks, remove and empty the sump and water tank.
Once installed, never move this appliance or lay on its back, without draining the water from sump and water tank.
The appliance should never be operated if the lamps are not working.
The lamps should be regularly inspected as described under ‘Changing lamps’.
When the water tank is empty, the ame and smoke effect shuts off and you will hear 2 audible beeps, follow these
1. Press Switch ‘A’ to (0) (Fig.10)
2. Gently lift out the fuelbed and carefully set aside.
3. Remove the water tank by lifting upwards and outwards.
4. Place the water tank in sink and remove cap, Anti-clockwise to open. (Fig 7)
5. Fill tank with ltered tap water only. This is necessary to prolong the life of the ame and smoke producing unit.
The water should be ltered through a conventional domestic water lter unit and the lter should be replaced
6. Screw the cap back on, do not over tighten.
7. Return the tank to the sump, with the tank cap facing down and the at side of the tank facing outward. (Fig 8)
8. Gently place the fuelbed back into position. (Fig 9)
9. Press Switch ‘A’ to ‘ON’ (I) position (Fig.10)
If the ame and smoke effect appears grey or colourless it may be that one or more lamps have failed.
You can check for lamp failure as follows.
Note: Should your heater fail to come on when the thermostat is at a low setting, this may be due to the room
temperature being higher then the thermostat setting
A thermal safety cut-out is incorporated in the fan heater to prevent damage due to overheating. This can happen if
the heat outlet was restricted in any way. If the cut-out operates, unplug the heater from the socket outlet and allow
approximately 10 minutes before reconnecting. Before switching the heater back on remove any obstruction that may
be restricting the heat outlet, then continue normal operation.
Caution: In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent resetting of the thermal cutout, this appliance must not be
supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a switch that is regularly switched on
and off by the utility.
1. The ame control knob ‘D’ (Fig.10) may be turned up or down to give a more realistic effect.
2. Generally the ames appear more realistic when the ame control is turned down.
3. Give the ame generator time to react to changes you may make.
4. The re will use less water if the ame effect is set to a lower level.
5. Do not tilt or move the re while there is water in the tank or sump.
6. Make sure that the re is on a level oor.
On the control panel, Switch A (Fig.10) must be in the ‘ON’ ( I ) position in order for the remote control to operate.
There are 3 buttons on the remote control. (Fig.12) To operate correctly the remote must be pointed towards the front
of the grate. (Fig 17). The remote control functions are as follows:
Press once to turn on Flame effect only.
This will be indicated by one beep.
Press once to turn on Half Heat and Flame Effect.
This will be indicated by two beeps.
Press again to turn on Full Heat and Flame Effect.
This will be indicated by three beeps.
This will be indicated by one beep.
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