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Russell Hobbs 25600 Steam Genie - Handheld Fabric and Clothes Steamer - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual for Steamer


1. Steam trigger lock

2. Steam trigger

3. Handle

4. Water tank

5. Power button

6. Lint attachment

7. Delicate attachment

8. Upholstery attachment


• Remove labels, stickers and packaging from the appliance.

• Read all instructions and warnings.


• For best performance, we recommend using distilled, purified or filtered water in your steamer. Tap water contains minerals that can build up inside your steamer over time and reduce its efficiency or even cause damage.

• Never use perfumes, oils or other additives.

• Always check the garment’s care label before steaming, and always test fabrics for colourfastness in an inconspicuous area. Steamers are not recommended for use on leather, suede, vinyl, plastic, or other materials that are sensitive to steam.

• During use the steamer and accessories will become HOT. Never try to fit or remove attachments while still hot.

• After preheating, prime the water pump by holding the steam trigger until steam forms.

• It is normal to feel or hear the water pump inside the device. It may become louder when the water level in the tank is low. Check and refill the tank when required.

• Small amounts of dripping might occur during use. If excessive, your steamer needs time to get back up to full temperature. Just allow the steamer a minute to reheat.

• Wearing clothes immediately after ironing or steaming can actually create wrinkles. Always allow the clothing to cool for about 5 minutes before wearing.


Your steamer has three attachments:

Lint attachment

Use on garments labelled that allow the use of steam. Tip: The pad on the attachment helps remove lint, hair, and animal fur.

Delicate attachment

Use on garments labelled that allow the use of steam.

Tip: For items with printing/embellishment, turn the garment inside out to avoid damage to sensitive areas.

Upholstery attachment

Use to sanitise and refresh bedding, mattresses, curtains, plush toys, furniture, and hard surfaces (such as worktops or desks that are not heat sensitive).

Always test for colourfastness and heat sensitivity on an inconspicuous area.

Fitting/Removing (Fig. A)

1. Make sure that the steamer and attachment are cool.

2. Hook the top of the attachment over the top edge of the steamer.

3. Click the bottom edge into place.

4. Remove the attachment using the tab. When removing the attachment, watch out for condensation that may have built up during use.


1. Place the steamer on its base on a stable surface.

2. Pull out the removable water tank (Fig. B)

3. Gently open the rubber cover at the top of the tank.

4. Fill until the water reaches the “MAX” level mark on the top of the tank (Fig. C). Do not overfill. Close the rubber cover securely.

5. Dry off any excess water from the tank then refit it into the base until it clicks.

• To refill at any time during use, turn the steamer off by pressing the power button until the blue indicator light goes out, unplug from outlet, and follow the above procedure.

• After refilling, allow to reheat for 45 seconds and then prime the pump by holding the steam trigger until steam forms.


• If the label says “do not iron” or shows this icon , fit the delicate attachment and make sure to test on an inconspicuous area prior to steaming the entire garment.

• If the label says “do not steam” or shows this icon , do not steam the garment.

1. Hang the garment in an area that will not be affected or damaged by the heat and steam, such as on a shower curtain rail, or in an open doorway.

2. Fit any attachment you wish to use.

3. Plug the steamer in then press the power button. The blue power button light will slowly flash, indicating that the steamer is heating.

4. After about 45 seconds the power light will stay on, indicating the steamer is preheated.

5. Prime the water pump by holding steam trigger until steam forms.

6. To generate steam, press the steam trigger. As long as the trigger is held, steam will emit from the steamer. When the trigger is released, the steam will stop.

• To generate a constant flow of steam without holding the trigger, press the steam trigger and then slide the steam trigger lock downwards. You can then release pressure on the steam trigger. To turn the steam off, press the trigger, slide the steam trigger lock upwards, then release the trigger.

7. With your free hand keep the fabric taut. Steam the garment with slow, downward strokes, keeping the head of the steamer in contact with the fabric.

8. When you have finished, press and hold the power button until the blue light goes out (about 3 seconds) and unplug.

9. Stand the steamer on its base and allow it to completely cool off before storing. To avoid mineral buildup, empty the tank after each use.

Auto shut off

Your steamer will automatically switch to auto shut-off mode after being left inactive for 15 minutes. The power button light will flash rapidly to indicate this. To resume steaming, press the steam trigger or power button and wait for your steamer to fully reheat.


1. Make sure steamer is off, unplugged and completely cool.

2. Wipe all surfaces with a clean damp cloth.

3. After the steamer has been thoroughly dried, turn it back on and lightly steam over an old cloth. This will help remove any residue left in the steam holes.

4. To avoid mineral buildup, empty the tank after each use.

Cleaning attachments

• Lint attachment: Wipe with damp cloth to clean.

• Delicate attachment: Wash with cold water and small amounts of a gentle cleanser if needed. The fabric cannot be removed.

• Upholstery attachment: The fabric can be removed and hand washed with cold water and a gentle cleanser.



Possible Cause


The steamer is plugged in but not heating.

The auto shut-off has activated.

Press the steam trigger or press the power button to activate the steamer.

Not enough steam or no steam is coming out of the steamer.

The steamer is not heated to full temperature.

Always allow steamer to preheat at least 45 seconds, or until the power button light stops flashing.

There is not enough water in the water tank.

Fill the water tank.

The water pump hasn’t been primed.

After preheating, always prime the water pump by holding the steam trigger until steam forms.

Discoloured water is coming through the holes and staining the fabric.

Residue has built up in the water tank.

Empty the water tank after each use. Only use distilled, filtered, or purified water.

Perfumed or scented additives were used.

Never use perfumed or scented additives.

Steamer is leaking or spitting.

Steamer is not hot enough.

Allow the steamer to heat for about 45 seconds.

Water tank is running low.

Fill the water tank.


To avoid environmental and health problems due to hazardous substances, appliances and rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries marked with one of these symbols must not be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste. Always dispose of electrical and electronic products and, where applicable, rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, at an appropriate official recycling/collection point.


If you ring Customer Service, please have the Model Number to hand, as we won’t be able to help you without it. It’s on the rating plate (usually underneath the product).

The product isn’t user-serviceable. If it’s not working, read the instructions, check the plug fuse and main fuse/circuit breaker. If it’s still not working, consult your retailer.

If that doesn’t solve the problem – ring Customer Service – they may be able to offer technical advice.

If they advise you to return the product to us, pack it carefully, include a note with your name, address, day phone number, and what’s wrong. If under guarantee, say where and when purchased, and include proof of purchase (till receipt). Send it to:

Customer Service Spectrum Brands (UK) Ltd Fir Street, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0HS email: support@russellhobbs telephone: 0345 658 9700 (local rate number) Please note: If you have purchased the product within the last 6 months, please contact the retailer in the first instance to deal with any matters relating to warranty.


Follow basic safety precautions, including:

This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been supervised/ instructed and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be done by children unless they are older than 8 and supervised. Use and store the appliance out of reach of children under 8 years. Between uses, the steamer must be rested on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface.

Don’t leave the appliance unattended while plugged in, or while it’s resting between uses.

Unplug the appliance before filling, before cleaning, and after use. Don’t operate the appliance if it’s dropped or damaged, or if it malfunctions or leaks.

If the cable is damaged, return the appliance in order to avoid a hazard.

The surfaces of the appliance will get hot during use.

Do not use this appliance near bathtubs, showers, basins or other vessels containing water.

• Never use anything except water to fill or clean the appliance.

• Never steam clothing that is being worn.

• Never aim steam directly at people, animals or plants. Steam is hot and can cause serious burns and scalds if used without care.

• Never hold the steam head downwards while at rest, or tilt it backwards as this may cause hot water to be discharged and possible injury.

• Ensure the appliance is switched off and cooled down before fitting or removing attachments.

• Don’t use the appliance for any purpose other than those described in these instructions.


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