User Manual Thermador PH60GWS 60-Inch Pro Grand Wall Hood

Thermador PH60GWS 60-Inch Pro Grand Wall Hood - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
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User manual Hood for Thermador PH60GWS

Table of contents

  • Safety
  • Important Safety Instructions
  • Introduction
  • Before You Begin
  • Operating the Appliance
  • Overview
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Operating the Hood
  • Home ConnectTM
  • Setup
  • Care and Cleaning
  • Filter and Grease Tray Cleaning
  • Hood Surface Cleaning
  • Heat Lamps (certain models)
  • Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to Obtain Service or Parts
  • Product Data Rating Label
  • Statement Of Limited Product Warranty
  • Support, Accessories, and Parts

Before You Begin

  • Before using your appliance, be sure to read this manual. Pay special attention to the Important Safety Instructions located at the beginning of the manual.
  • All hoods require the choice of a remote, in-line, or integral blower. Use only Thermador® blowers with Thermador ventilation hoods. All blower models are sold separately. See the Ventilation Planning Guide for recommended blowers. Contact Customer Service for additional options.

Clean Filter Reminder

  • After 40 hours of operation, the FILTER button will illuminate indicating that the filters need to be cleaned. When this indicator illuminates clean the filters as instructed.
  • To receive a reminder notification to clean the filters through the Home ConnectTM app, activate the feature in the Settings section of the app. You may also review the status of the filter saturation within the Home Connect app.

To turn OFF the Clean Filter Reminder:

After cleaning, press and hold the FILTER button for 3 seconds until it beeps to reset the 40-hour period and to turn the reminder off.

Delay Shut Off

  • If the blower is off when the DELAY button is pressed, the blower will turn on to the high speed setting for 10 minutes. At the end of the 10 minutes the blower will automatically turn off. If the blower is on when the DELAY button is pressed, the blower runs for 10 minutes from the time the DELAY button was pressed at the current speed then turns off. During the 10 minute timed period, the DELAY button is illuminated. To interrupt a timed period, press one of the fan speed buttons or 0 button to turn off.
  • An ability to choose a different time period other than the default setting is also possible through the Home ConnectTM app in the SETTINGS menu.

Operating the Hood

  • The blower should be turned on for about 5 minutes before cooking in order to establish air currents upward through the hood. Thus when heat, smoke, moisture, grease and cooking odors are produced, they will be carried outside instead of drifting into other rooms.
  • Use the lower speeds for normal use and the higher speeds for strong odors or fumes.
  • Drafts across the range or cooktop will reduce the effectiveness of the hood. Such drafts should be prevented when possible.
  • The best job of ventilation in the kitchen is done where the only air currents are those created by the blower itself.
  • Regular use of the fan system while cooking helps keep the kitchen comfortable and less humid.
  • Use a rear burner when browning or pan frying meat.
  • For optimal performance, the width of the hood should equal that of the cooktop or rangetop or exceed it by 3 inches on either side. Install these hoods only with Thermador blowers.

Home Connect

  • With Home ConnectTM, the appliance is Wi-Fi capable and can be remotely controlled using a mobile device (e.g. tablet or smartphone). The Home Connect app offers additional functions which are a perfect complement to the networked appliance.
  • Home Connect does not work over Wi-Fi networks that require browser registration, i.e. a user name and password entered via a web browser.
  • You should have a stable wireless network with good reception and access to the internet.
  • If the appliance is not connected to the WLAN network home network), it functions in the same way as a typical appliance with no network connection and can be operated as usual.
  • NOTE: Please ensure that you follow the safety instructions given at the beginning of this instruction manual and that these are also observed when operating the appliance via the Home Connect app and when away from home. Please also follow the instructions in the Home Connect app.
  • NOTE: Operation on the appliance itself always takes priority, and during this time it is not possible to operate the appliance using the Home Connect app.


To implement settings via Home ConnectTM, you must have installed the Home Connect app on a mobile device (e.g. tablet or smartphone). Please observe the supplied Home Connect documents that came with your appliance with regard to this feature.



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