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The Progress  Lights show the progress of a cycle. At each stage of the process, you may notice sounds or pauses that are different from your previous washer.


When the Start/Pause/Cancel button is pressed and the Water Level knob is set to Auto Sensing, the washer will fi ll and begin sensing to determine load size and balance. A short but noticeable pause in the cycle action occurs during sensing. This is normal.

Once sensing is complete, the washer will fi ll to the appropriate level for the detected load size and, on select cycles, agitation will occur during fi lling. This, too, is normal. When the washer is done fi lling, it will begin the wash phase of the cycle. To ensure that the most accurate load size is detected, avoid opening the lid during the “Sensing” phase.

NOTE: Sensing and wash phases will be paused by opening the unlocked lid. Close the lid to resume the cycle. If the lid is left open for more than 10 minutes, the washer will cancel the cycle and pump out the water.


The washer will fi ll to the correct water level based on the load size and the Water Level selection. Certain cycles may agitate during the fi ll process to boost cleaning. When the wash cycle begins, you will hear the HE agitator increase speed. The motor sounds may change at different stages in the wash cycle while the washer performs different wash actions.

NOTE: The lid will automatically lock after the wash phase completes and before the initial spinout occurs, and will remain locked for the rest of the cycle.


Certain cycles use a spray rinse, which adds water to the tub while the basket spins. You may hear the motor tu

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