Use Manual Maytag MVWC565FW Top load washer with the deep water wash option and powerwash

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Maytag MVWC565FW Top load washer with the deep water wash option and powerwash - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

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This is user manual for Maytag model MVWC565FW.


To allow for higher spin speeds, the lid will lock and the Lid Locked light will turn on. When this light is lit, the lid is locked and cannot be opened. When this light is blinking, the washer is paused. When this light is off, the lid can be opened. After a cycle is started, the washer will fill to the appropriate water level. When the washer is done filling, it will start to agitate. If you need to open the lid to add a garment after this point, the lid will remain unlocked during the entire agitation portion of the wash phase. The cycle will automatically pause when the lid is opened, and the cycle will resume once the lid is closed. The lid will lock before the spin phase begins. If you need to pause or stop after this point, you must press the START/PAUSE button and wait for the lid to unlock. The lid will only unlock after washer movement has stopped. Depending on when in the cycle you try to pause, it may take several seconds to several minutes for the lid to unlock. Press START/PAUSE to resume the cycle.

Water Level Options

Set the Water Level knob to the Auto Sensing setting and the washer automatically adjusts the water level to the load size. Set the Water Level knob to the Deep Water Wash setting and the washer will fill to the maximum water level.


This washer will perform a series of spins to check for load balance. During this time, a series of clicks and a whirring noise signal that sensing technology is determining if there is an off-balance load.

Normal Sounds You Can Expect

At different stages of the wash cycle, you may hear sounds and noises that are different from those of your previous washer. For example, you may hear a clicking and hum at the beginning of the spin phase, as the lid lock goes through a self-test. There will be different kinds of humming sounds as the agitator tests for load balance or moves the load. And sometimes, you may hear nothing at all,

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