Use Manual RCA RCR004RWD 4-Device Universal Remote

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RCA RCR004RWD 4-Device Universal Remote - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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User Manual
  • User Manual - (English)
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Owner’s manual of RCRN04GR.

Table of contents

  • Step 1: Install your batteries
  • Step 2: Program your remote
  • Tour of the Remote
  • Advanced Functions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Program your remote

To use this universal remote with your home entertainment system, first you need to program it to control your devices. There are four ways you can program the universal remote to operate your devices:

• The Auto Code Search goes automatically through all the codes for the device you’re trying to control. It’s the easiest method, but it can sometimes take longer than some of the other programming methods.

• The Brand Code Search searches through the codes for select brands of devices. It’s not as easy as the auto code search, but it can be faster.

• The Direct Code Entry lets you enter a code from the accompanying code list for your brand of device. It’s not as easy as the other methods, but it’s potentially the fastest method.

• The Manual Code Search lets you manually go through all the codes for the device you’re trying to control.

Auto Code Search

The Manual Code Search lets you go one-by-one through all the codes for the device you’re trying to control. When you find the one that operates your device, you can stop the search and store that code.

TIPS: The Manual Code Search method may take a long time because the remote searches through all of the codes in its memory one-by-one. If your brand is listed in the Brand Codes or the Code Lists, first try the Brand Code Search or the Direct Code Entry method.

Each device key is associated with a type of device—the TV is preset to search for TVs, SAT•CBL•DTC for satellite receivers, cable boxes or digital TV converters, DVD•VCR for DVD players, and DVR•AUX for DVRs. To program a device key for a different type of device, see the Changing a Key’s Device Type section.

To exit without saving a new code at any point in the Manual

Code Search

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Specs Sheet

  • Wireless (Wifi): Yes
  • Number Of Devices Controlled: 4
  • Connectivity Technology: Infrared
  • Maximum Operating Range: 80 feet
  • Battery: 2 AAA

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