Samsung RT18M6215WW/AA Refrigerator - Use Manual

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User manual

RT18M*/ RT21M*

Step-by-step installation

STEP 1 Select a site

Select a site that:

• Has a solid, level surface without carpeting or flooring that may obstruct ventilation

• Is away from direct sunlight

• Has adequate room for opening and closing the door

• Is away from any heat sources

• Provides room for maintenance and servicing

• Has a temperature range between 50 °F (10 °C) and 109 °F (43 °C)

STEP 2 Flooring

• The surface you install the refrigerator on must support a fully loaded refrigerator. (Approximately 200 lb or 90 kg.)

• To protect the floor, put a large piece of cardboard along the path to the refrigerator's final installation location.

• Once the refrigerator is in its final position, do not move it unless necessary to protect the floor. If you have to move the refrigerator, place thick paper or cloth such as old carpets along the path of movement.

STEP 3 Adjust the leveling legs

The refrigerator comes with 3 leveling legs, 1 on the door and 2 on the unit. Level the refrigerator by manually adjusting the leveling leg (A) on the door and the leveling leg (C) on the opposite side of the unit. The other leveling leg (B) on the unit is for stability purposes. Turn the leveling legs clockwise to lower the position, or turn counter clockwise to raise.


• In all cases including door reversal, to prevent the refrigerator from tipping, make sure the leveling leg (A) on the door is on the floor and fully supporting the weight of the door.

• Using only 2 legs on the unit can cause the refrigerator to tip over.

STEP 4 Connect the water line (optional)

Connect the water line to the ice maker. For the ice maker to operate properly, a water pressure of 20-125 psi is required. After you have connected the water line, make sure the water storage tank inside the refrigerator is properly filled.

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