Use Manual LG LMXS28626S 28 cu.ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Refrigerator

LG LMXS28626S 28 cu.ft. Smart wi-fi Enabled French Door Refrigerator - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF download or read online.

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- Specification ( English )

User manual Refrigerator for LG LMXS28626S

Table of contents

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Installation Overview
  • Unpacking the Refrigerator
  • Choosing the Proper Location
  • Removing/Assembling Handles
  • Removing/Assembling the Doors and Drawers
  • Turning on the Power
  • Before Use
  • Control Panel
  • Ice and Water Dispenser
  • Ice Compartment
  • Automatic Icemaker
  • Storing Food
  • Adjusting the Refrigerator Shelves
  • LG SmartThinQ Application
  • The LG SmartThinQ application allows you
  • to communicate with the appliance using a
  • smartphone.
  • Smart Grid Function
  • Smart DiagnosisTM Function
  • Cleaning
  • Replacing the Fresh Air Filter
  • Replacing the Water Filter
  • FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Before Calling for Service

Before Beginning

  • This water line installation is not covered by the refrigerator warranty. Follow these instructions carefully to minimize the risk of expensive water damage.
  • If necessary, call a qualified plumber to correct water hammer before installing the water supply line to the refrigerator. Water banging in the pipes, or water hammer in residential plumbing can cause damage to refrigerator parts and lead to water leakage or flooding.
  • Turn the icemaker OFF if the refrigerator will be used before the water line is connected.
  • Do not install the icemaker tubing in areas where the ambient temperatures fall below freezing.

Unpacking the Refrigerator

  • Remove tape and any temporary labels from your refrigerator before using. Do not remove any warning labels, the model and serial number label, or the Tech Sheet that is located under the front of the refrigerator.
  • To remove any remaining tape or glue, rub the area briskly with your thumb. Tape or glue residue can also be easily removed by rubbing a small amount of liquid dish soap over the adhesive with your fingers. Wipe with warm water and dry.
  • Do not use sharp instruments, rubbing alcohol, flammable fluids

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