All About Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes

Last update: 2021-11-30 07:36:12 GMT.

Below are common error codes of Bosch washing machines. When you see it on your washing machine, you can understand where it is and check the Bosch washing machine.

E1 Error is Heating Error

Bosch washing machine E1 error indicates that the temperature of the water was not reached with in a set time. The cycle will continue without heating.

E2 Error is Motor Fault

That means the washing machine's motor is not running. It often appears on old machines and is mainly caused by worn motor brushes.

E3 Error is Door Lock Fault

Error code E3 is that the door of the washing machine did not close or the door lock is faulty. When an E3 error occurs, the washing machine will not be able to start.

E4 Error is Unexpected Heating

Bosch washing machine E4 error indicates heating is taking place at a stage of the program where it should not. Most likely caused by a stuck heater relay or faulty temperature sensor giving false reading.

E5 Error is Water Inlet Fault

Error E5 on a Bosch washing machine means that there is a problem with the water supply. Maybe the faucet is bent, or the filter is clogged...

E6 Error is Drain Fault

Error E6 is a signal that the washing machine cannot drain the water. This could be due to a clogged drain pump filter or drain plug... This is a common error.

E7 Error is Temperature Sensor Fault

Bosch washing machine E7 error indicates that the main PCB has detected an open circuit in the temperature sensing circuit. E7 if often caused by broken wires or faulty temperature sensor.

E8 Error is Overflow Fault

Bosch washing machine E8 error indicates that the water level in the drum higher than it should be. Most likely cause is a water inlet valve that gets stuck in on position.

E9 Error is Leak Fault

The base sensor detects the presence of water in the base of the unit. Turn off the power and check for water leaks.

E10 Error is Functionality Safety Fault

Machine detected a functionality fault that can not be diagnosed, machine will stop.

E11 Error is Power Fault

Power supplied to the machine not in operational range of the machine.

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