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User manual Washing Machine for Bosch WAB28261GB


  • Contents Page
  • Intended use
  • Programmes
  • Setting and adjusting the programme
  • Washing
  • After washing
  • Individual settings
  • Information on the display panel
  • Programme overview
  • Safety instructions
  • Consumption values
  • Important information
  • Insert for liquid detergent
  • Cleaning and care
  • Maintenance
  • What to do if

Environmental protection/Conservation tips

  • Always fill the washing machine with a maximum amount of laundry for the particular programme.
  • Wash normally soiled laundry without a prewash.
  • The selectable temperatures apply to the care labels on the textiles. The temperatures in the machine may deviate from this so that you get the optimum mix of energy-saving and washing results.
  • Measure the detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions and water hardness.
  • If the laundry is subsequently dried in a tumble drier, select the spin speed according to the tumble drier manufacturer's instructions.

Sorting and loading laundry

  • Follow the manufacturer's care information. According to the information on the care labels. According to type, colour, soiling and temperature. Do not exceed the maximum load a page 7.
  • Observe the important information a page 9. Load items of laundry of varying sizes. Close the washing machine door. Take care not to trap items of laundry between the washing machine door and the rubber seal

Adding detergent and care products

  • Measure accordingly: Amount of laundry, level of soiling, water hardness (ask your water supply company) and manufacturer's instructions. Models without insert for liquid detergent: Pour liquid detergent into the appropriate dispenser and place in the drum. During operation: Open the detergent drawer with care.

Cleaning and care

Machine housing, control panel

  • Remove detergent residue immediately.
  • Wipe off with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Do not clean with a jet of water.

Cleaning the detergent drawer: if it contains detergent or fabric softener residues.

  1. Pull out, press insert down, remove drawer completely.
  2. To remove the insert: press the insert upwards from below with your finger.
  3. Clean the detergent dispenser tray and insert with water and a brush and dry it.
  4. Attach the insert and engage (connect the cylinder to the guide pin).
  5. Push in the detergent drawer

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Series: Serie 2

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Does the maxx6 varioperfect heat water from the cold supply or does it mix water from the hot and cold supplies to get the correct temperature?
This machine is designed to take water from a cold water supply and will heat the water up itself.

What is the purpose of the “speed perfect” button.?
The Speed perfect button allows for a quicker wash, but with the same quality result. It is advised dependent on program it can be up to 65% quicker than the normal program.

It come with a check valve to stop backflow of water into the
cold water supply?
This is integrated into the machine and will not allow a backflow of water into the cold water supply.

How do you open the door once the program finished? My mother in law has a new bosch Maxx6 and she cannot open the door. She lives away from me. So I am not next to the machine.
The door does not open as soon as the program finishes. Please wait 1-2 minutes and a 'click' will sound. This is the door lock realising and the door can now be opened. If the dial is turned off before the click as it's an electric door lock the door will not open until the dial is turned back to a program. If this does not work, please run a drain program and wait after the end until the 'click'; then try to open the door.