Sony XBR-49X900F X900F LED 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range Smart TV

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For XBR-49X900F. Also, The document are for others Sony models: XBR-85X900F, 75X900F, 65X900F, 55X900F, 49X900F

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XBR-85X900F / 75X900F / 65X900F / 55X900F / 49X900F
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XBR-85X900F / 75X900F / 65X900F / 55X900F / 49X900F
Reference Guide
Manuel de référence
Sony Customer Support
United States Canada
1.800.222.SONY 1.877.899.SONY
Please Do Not Return the Product to
the Store
Service à la clientèle Sony
Canada :
États-Unis :
Canada États-Unis
1.877.899.SONY 1.800.222.SONY
Ne retournez pas le produit au magasin
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#1 Can conect Bluetooth speaker with the tv???

Yes, you may connect Bluetooth speakers and headphones with
this TV

#2 in the 85 inch model, what is the distance from the bottom of the tv
to the center of the bottom screw holes?

It will be approximate of 309.9mm.

#3 Ota dvr to this tv. every dvr i find wants to hook up: apps &
ethernet/internet & cable box. i want ota antenna to dvr to tv-hdmi

The unit recommended using a high-speed HDMI cable in a
connection. Connecting DVR to the TV, you must check the
compatibility of the DVR for you to proceed in setting up the units.