Hoover UH73510PC Vacuum Cleaner

User Manual - Page 9

For UH73510PC.

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Not to be used for grooming a pet.
Pet Pe
Available Tools and Accessories
Deluxe Crevice Tool:
Rubberized tip that protects furniture when cleaning tight
XL Crevice Tool:
Extra-long, flexible tip that reaches into hard-to-clean spaces.
Flexible Dusting Brush:
Dust hard-to-reach surfaces such as fan blades and
Pet Turbo Tool:
Uniquely designed to remove stubborn pet hair from
furniture, stairs, upholstery and more.
Pet Upholstery Tool:
Uniquely designed to remove stubborn pet hair from
couches, curtains and pillows.
***Tools vary by model number. Refer to Hoover.com or Hoover.ca for tools included in each model.
Crevice Tool:
Great for cleaning in
tight spaces and hard-to
-clean corners.
Dusting Brush:
Delicate bristles that gently
clean fine dust.
Turbo Tool:
Easily clean furniture, stairs,
upholstery and more.
Upholstery Tool:
Deep clean couches,
curtains and pillows.
Hard Floor Duster:
Gently pick up fine dust
and pet hair on hard floors
and tile.
Baseboard Duster:
Uniquely designed to
effortlessly clean fine
dust from baseboards.
Accessory Bag:
Use to store tools.
Powered Stair Tool:
Motorized to powerfully
clean stairs and upholstery.
Featuring a built-in edge
and crevice channel to
tackle stairs with one tool.
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