Hoover UH73510PC Vacuum Cleaner

User Manual - Page 17

For UH73510PC.

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Upright Mode
1. Step on nozzle and pull handle back.
2. Turn ON vacuum.
3. Allow FloorSense™ to detect floor type
and automatically adjust settings.
Tip - For optimal performance, ensure the FloorSense™
control is switched to the ON position.
Portable Lift Mode - For extending reach beyond the floor.
1. Detach canister from the vacuum spine by pressing Powered Reach™ Mode.
2. Press wand or handle release and pull handle up.
3. Attach cleaning accessory to the end of the wand or handle.
4. Turn ON vacuum.
Powered Reach™ Mode - For extending reach under
1. Detach canister from vacuum spine by pressing
Powered Reach™ Mode
2. Turn ON vacuum.
3. Clean under furniture with powered nozzle.
Tip - For directions on cleaning bare floors,
refer to the Hard Floor Duster section
of this manual.
Using Your Hoover
Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. To avoid personal
injury or damage, and to prevent the cleaner from falling,
always place cleaner at the bottom of the stairs or on
the floor. Do no place cleaner on stairs or furniture, as it
may result in injury or damage. When using tools, always
ensure handle is in the upright position.
Not to be used for grooming a pet.
When vacuum is reclined with brush roll switched
on, never leave the vacuum in one position for any
long period of time.
! !
Wand or Handle
(Between Dirt Cup
& Wand)
Detach Canister
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