User Manual Samsung NE63T8751SS/AC 6.3 Cu.ft. Electric Range With Flex Duo And Air Fry In Stainless Steel

Samsung NE63T8751SS/AC 6.3 Cu.ft. Electric Range With Flex Duo And Air Fry In Stainless Steel - Use Manual - Use Guide PDF.
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Electric Range User manual
Samsung Model NE63 * 875 * S *

Before you begin

Clean the oven thoroughly before using it for the first time. Then, remove the accessories, set the oven to bake, and then run the oven at 400 °F for 1 hour. There will be a distinctive odor. This is normal.

Ensure your kitchen is well ventilated during this conditioning period.

Energy saving tips

• During cooking, the oven door should remain closed except when you turn food over. Do not open the door frequently during cooking to maintain the oven temperature and to save energy.

• If cooking time is more than 30 minutes, you can switch the oven off 5-10 minutes before the end of the cooking time to save energy. The residual heat will complete the cooking process.

• To save energy and reduce the time needed for reheating the oven, plan oven use to avoid turning the oven off between cooking one item and the next.

• Whenever possible, cook more than one item at a time.

Surface cooking

About surface cooking



• Do not use the glass cooktop surface as a cutting board.

• Do not place or store items that can melt or catch fire on the glass cooktop, even when it is not being used.

• Turn the surface units on only after placing cookware on them.

• Do not store heavy items above the cooktop surface. They could fall and damage it.



• Do not place aluminum foil or plastic items, such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders, or plastic wrappings on the range when it is in use. The hot air from the vent could melt plastics or ignite flammable items.

• Make sure the correct surface unit is turned on.

• Never cook directly on the glass. Always use cookware.

• Always place the pan in the center of the surface unit you are cooking on.

• Never leave surface units unattended while using a high heat setting. Boilovers cause smoking and greasy spillovers that may catch on fire.

• Turn the surface units off before removin


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