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User Gudie Philips  AC2889/40 Air Purifier

Table of contents

  • Your air purifier
  • Product overview (fig.a)
  • Controls overview (fig.b)
  • Getting started
  • Installing the filters
  • Wi-Fi setup for AC
  • Using the air purifier
  • Understanding the air quality light
  • Turning on and off
  • Changing the Auto mode setting
  • Changing the fan speed
  • Setting the timer
  • Using the light on/off function
  • Switching the display mode
  • Cleaning
  • Cleaning the body of the air
  • purifier
  • Cleaning the air quality sensor
  • Cleaning the pre-filter
  • Replacing the filters
  • Filter replacement indicator

Using the air purifier

  • Indoor Allergen Index (IAI) is a real-time numerical display that provides visual and immediate feedback on indoor allergen level
  • The air quality light automatically goes on when the air purifier is switched on, and lights up all colors in sequence.
  • After approximately 30 seconds, the air quality sensors select the color that corresponds to the surrounding air quality of airborne particles.

Changing the fan speed

  • In addition to the Auto modes, there are several fan speeds available.
  • When using the manual fan speed settings, the purifier will still monitor the air quality, but it will not automatically adjust the fan speed if it detects changes in the air quality.

Cleaning the body of the air purifier

Regularly clean the inside and outside of the air purifier to prevent dust from collecting.

1 Use a soft, dry cloth to clean both the interior and exterior of the air purifier.

2 The air outlet can also be cleaned with a dry, soft cloth.

Cleaning the pre-filter

Clean the pre-filter when F0 is displayed on the screen(fig.y).

1 Switch off the air purifier and unplug from the wall outlet.

2 Pull the bottom part of the front panel to remove it from the air purifier (fig.c).

3 Press the two clips down (1) and pull the pre-filter towards you (2) (fig.d).

4 If the pre-filter is very dirty, use a soft brush to brush away the dust (fig.z). Then wash the pre-filter under running tap water.


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