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Washer User Manual Haier model HW100-BD14756 

Before switching on the appliance for the first time... make sure all transport bolts are removed. make sure the power cord is not caught under or in the appliance and there is no damage or risk for damaging. make sure the power circuit fuse is rated for15A. use a separate earthed socket for the power supply. make sure the plug is always accessible. hold the plug and not the electric cable when unplugging the power supply. check that hose joints and connections are firm and by opening tap check for any waterleakage. do not switch on the appliance until everything is properly installed!

Do not ... install the appliance outdoors in a damp place, or in an area which may be prone to water leaks such as under or near a sink unit. In the event of a water leak cut power supply and allow the machine to dry naturally. expose machine to any frost, heat or direct sunlight. touch or use the appliance when barefoot or with wet or damp hands or feet. use flammable detergent or dry cleaning agent. use any flammable sprays in close vicinity to the appliance. remove or insert the plug in presence of flammable gas. place the appliance directly on a carpet, or close to

During daily use of the appliance... pull up zips, fix loose threads and take care for small items to prevent laundry from being entangled. If necessary, use an appropriate bag or net. switch off at the wall socket after each wash programme to save electricity and for safety. keep the lower part of the porthole clean and open door and detergent drawer if appliance is not in use to prevent odours. a damaged power cord is only to be replaced by the manufacturer, his service agent or other specifically qualified people.

Do not ... touch the door during the washing process, it gets hot. place heavy objects or sources of heat or damp on top of the appliance. hot wash foam rubber or sponge-like materials. open detergent drawer during any wash cycle. force the door to open, it is fitted with a self-lock device and will open shortly after wash cycle end. open the door if the water level is visibly over the porthole. cover or encase the appliance during operation or after wards

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